Selfridges, New Shoes & Skylines – Heezus Walks

Saturday this week was spent in Selfridges with my shopping soul, sister, Daisy. I had finally found the time to exchange those Louboutins my boyfriend had bought me for my birthday back in February (have a look at them HERE) and Daisy, working as a style writer 'n all, was the perfect person to advise on a suitable replacement present. I … Continue reading Selfridges, New Shoes & Skylines – Heezus Walks

All in Black + Nike Airs

So I just impulse bought a new pair of Nike Airs. Stupid really as the colder, wetter, snowier weather sets in. But you know what it's like when you get something in your mind and can't shake it. I, luckily, have relatively small feet so limit myself to purchasing trainers from the 'youth' section which … Continue reading All in Black + Nike Airs