The Blues Kitchen – Shoreditch

Today's post is a bit of a triple whammy, you lucky things! The reason being, in the last two weeks I've visited newest branch of The Blues Kitchen, in Shoreditch, not once but three times! So strap in and get ready to hear aaaaalllll abaaat it... I first made an appearance there during their soft launch … Continue reading The Blues Kitchen – Shoreditch

Emporio Eivissa – Pop Up

Friday night and I'm going no-where and all the lights are changing, red to green. Oh wait, sorry that's the lyrics to David Gray's Babylon - remember him? I wonder where he is now....anyway back to the story: Friday night and woah! We're going to Eivissa. Woah-oh back to the island...we're gonna have a the Mediterranean sea! … Continue reading Emporio Eivissa – Pop Up