Day Trip to Il Aux Cerfs – Mauritius

I can't believe I forgot to blog these pictures! I was flicking through my Mauritius album, wishing I was back in paradise when I realised I never shared our trip to the picturesque island of Il Aux Cerfs. The summer's just about to start here in London so I'm not too depressed looking back at … Continue reading Day Trip to Il Aux Cerfs – Mauritius

Mauritius – A Tour of the North

Prior to our arrival in Mauritius we'd been very worried about what the weather would be like. Basically, we'd gotten a bit carried away when booking the holiday and in a post Christmas: "OHMYGOD let's go somewhere hella fancy and paradise-y for our jollies this year" had completely forgotten to check what the weather might be like in … Continue reading Mauritius – A Tour of the North