The Underground Drinking Club

 Having lived in East London for a couple years now it's fair to say a lot of my friends assume I'm part of the uber-cool, hipster bandwagon crowd that moved in a few years back. I'm really, REALLY not (honestly none of my clothing is mustard and I don't drink flat whites) but to keep up appearances, every … Continue reading The Underground Drinking Club

Breakfast at The Duck & Waffle

How late am I to this party? And not even fashionably late, I'm embarrassingly late. All the hip, happening blogs, bloggers and critics visited the Duck & Waffle way back in 2012 when the 40th floor, foodie Mecca for the slick and stylish, opened it's doors. I, however, only managed to make it up there last Sunday. And to think my friends … Continue reading Breakfast at The Duck & Waffle