An Updated Restaurant List

Howdy gang. How’s it going? It’s mid-morning while I’m writing this and I've just had avocado on rye bread, washed down with a dandelion, nettle & milk thistle tea. WTAF. I mean what even IS milk thistle? I know, I don’t recognise myself either and rather than feeling like a smug vegan goddess, I feel disappointed. … Continue reading An Updated Restaurant List

How to Host the Ultimate Brunch

You might remember, a couple of posts ago, that I let you guys into a little secret. I revealed that I was mildly obsessed with spreadsheets (#coolstorybro.) Okay, so it’s a little bit more than a mild obsession; me and excel have got a bit of a thing going on and to be perfectly honest, I’ve fallen hard & fast. It … Continue reading How to Host the Ultimate Brunch