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So you wanna know a lil more about Haveyouheardthelatest? Well, where do I start?

Haveyouheardthelatest is a lifestyle blog written by me, Harry, a British gal in her late twenties (oh christ, am I really in my late twenties?!!) who hails from Dorset and now lives in London.

I started writing in 2010 when bad case of glandular fever left me bed bound for a week. It was something to keep me amused while I nursed some seriously swollen glands.

Five years later and I’m still here, posting away.

I mainly post about food or rather other peoples in the form of restaurants I’ve been to. However I also share my holiday happenings and have been known to do a list or two, you know the kind – 24 amazing feelings that all 20-summit girls have experienced – and the like.

 And recently I’ve started giving my two cents on the best of London, from the super girly to my favourite burgers and also cheap things to do here in London so you’re not crying into an empty post.

As you may have already read I like techno, tomatoes and Sunderland AFC. I also like cheese by the bucket load, planning random trips to places all over the world (Bali, Lake Bled & Cappadocia on this year’s wanderlust list), reading the comments on tabloid newspaper articles, wearing glitter on my face and sleeping – A LOT.

Sorry for rabbiting on, it’s something I tend to do which you’ll be accustomed to when you read my posts.

So anyway, yeah so that’s me…and so is this…



 Also if you want to follow me, not literally, that would be weird I’m on twitter and instagram and you can like me on Facebook too. A woo to the hoo, eh?

Harry x

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