The Best Morning Ever – Yoga at the Sky Garden

Hey kids. So I am having one of those stereotypical bleugh, hate Monday moods.

It’s been 3 weeks since I arrived back from Bali (I promise to blog about this at some point…promise!) and everything is just a bit meh. I’m struggling to get dressed in the morning because FFS why don’t I have any inbetween summer & winter clothes and I end up HATING every outfit I put on. My hair is in need of a cut and colour and I’m obviously having a bad face, skin and body day because ugh let’s just hate everything at the same time.

And to top it all off, I think I’m probably overdue a cry too. Woof.

I hate it when I’m in this mood and even more so when it’s on the back of a really lovely relaxing, good for the soul kind of weekend – no hangovers, no wild parties…ok so maybe there was a smidge of over-eating but that is what weekends are for, right? But other than that it was just a weekend of relaxing, doing washing, being productive in a good way and enjoying being at home.

And it’s like I’ve been doing all the things I should to keep me on track and in a good mood – things like writing in my gratitude journal, lighting all the candles, reading more books instead of scrolling through Instagram and, for the first time ever, indulging in a daily skincare routine thanks to the wonder that is the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanse and tone. Seriously this woman has changed me as a person.

And yet STILL I’m in this weird funk where I’m like Hmmmmmppphhhh, life sucks. Even though it totally doesn’t.

ANYWAY. Long story short I was thinking about other things to cheer me up and then BAM I remembered that morning I did Yoga at the Sky Garden and it literally put me in the most unbelievable mood. I was one of those annoying people skipping around the city at 7am. So now I’m like, okay, I NEED TO GO AGAIN.

And therefore I thought I should probably give you guys the DL on it too whilst on my way over to the booking page.

Yoga at the sky garden

So yeah, Yoga at the Sky Garden, what’s it all about?

Well back in May, I roped my sister and my now old (sob) housemate in to coming along to a early morning Yoga sesh. Both my sister and my housemate are pretty sporty people whereas my participation in fitness is a bit more sporadic (remember when I went running for the first time!!) but god loves a trier so I was unfazed by the fact I hadn’t actually been to yoga before and easily convinced the other two to join me.

Now the class started at 6.30am which would normally be enough to put me off but as I have already mentioned, this class was being held at the Sky Garden – somewhere I fell in love with on a first visit a few months before (read that blog post here).

Now imagine being 30-odd floors up, at the break of dawn and watching the sun rise over the city of London whilst doing a downward dog or two. Yup, sounds pretty epic doesn’t it.

And epic it was.

Morning Yoga at the Sky Garden

We were amongst the last few to arrive – seems like some people actually enjoy getting up early, who knew – and found a spot for our mats on the floor (you need to bring your own yoga mat for class, Tiger do them on the cheap if you haven’t already got one).

We then obviously took some pics because if you’re watching the sunrise from your early morning yoga class and you don’t take pictures, did it even happen?

There were around 50 people in the class…I think, I’m not great a estimating numbers but there were more people than I expected. Or maybe not because anything like this in London usually sells out and has a queue out the door. One of the guys there was that really annoying type of person who put his hand up to say he’d never done yoga before and then turned out to be some kind of yoga guru floating half a foot off the floor with utter ease. Dick.


As for the the lady who took the class, well she was serious girl crush material! All black, cut-out, mesh panelled catsuit and hippies vibes, I was smitten. And she had this super relaxing, friendly voice that made me feel like a zen goddess even though I couldn’t do any of the moves. (Meanwhile sister and housemate were all but nailing them.)

Yes, she did say things like “what are you thankful for today” and “who do you dedicate today’s yoga session to” and all the usual yoga guff but with the sun rising through the morning mist and pouring in through the floor to ceiling windows of the Sky Garden it was actually very uplifting stuff.

She also had a fairly banging soundtrack that added to the whole merry mood of the class.

An hour later as I lay on the floor with my eyes closed (sweat dripping from every pour on my body – whoever thinks yoga isn’t proper exercise is so wrong!) just focusing on my breath and listening to the music I felt content. I felt centred and focused and all those other cliche things that equate to being ready to take on another fucking day.

 I was high on bloody life.

wp-1469620640424.jpgView from the Sky Garden

And I don’t think it hurt that I was looking at this view.

I rode the bus home with a big fat smile on my face and a definite bounce in my step and I couldn’t believe what an incredible morning I’d already had and it was only 8am.

So yeah. Yoga at the Sky Garden is the ONE.

And I’ll be booking to go again after clicking publish on this blog post. Tickets are a tenner and I think they do classes almost every day. Of course it’s an absolute bitch to get up at 5.30am or before but trust me, once you’re awake and out of bed it’s actually not that bad and you certainly won’t regret all the good endorphins you’ll get from doing exercise first thing.

So go my babies – go! Book tickets here and if you see me struggling at the back, gimme a wave of encouragement.

Namaste my little dolls.

Harry x

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