Breakfast in Bread – Weekend Brunching

Absolutely bloody ages ago I went out for breakfast with my boyfriend. And this, of course, is exactly how all the most exciting blog post start. Okay…perhaps not but stick with me here.

So yeah, roughly one lifetime ago my boyfriend and I got up on a Saturday and decided that instead of cooking our usual poached eggs on avocado, sourdough toast (insert cliche blogger hashtag here and then maybe also a sickening couple goals hashtag too?) we would go out OUT for breakfast.

I think it was my idea (well done for inventing going out for breakfast there, Harriet) as I think it was around the same time I’d become obsessed with Regent’s Canal. Call me crazy but strolling up and down that stretch of green, algae covered water, dodging cyclists, those awful guilt-inducing weekend joggers and hipsters galore gave me all the good feels.

It made me feel like I was in London but NOT IN LONDON at the same time. Like some beautiful countryside village but instead of  that lovely fresh air it’s the lung ruining kind. Mmmmm deep breath everyone. I was smitten.

Even more so when I started reading the canal boat names and found a boat named: Bobby Dazzler (<<< what my sister and I call each other) and then another one called: TOAD HALL. How bloody hilarious. Again another sister reference, we used to buzz off Toad from The Wind in The Willows. He is an absolute, misunderstood rascal.



So yeah, ANY EXCUSE to get along that canal path, I suggested that we should go out for breakfast and consequently dragged my boyfriend over the road from our flat in Bethnal Green, down to the Cat & Mutton bridge where we proceeded to take a wonderfully, leisurely stroll all the way to the Barge House – my breakfast spot of choice.


Now, some of you? Most of you? Possibly all of you (this post is just a tad overdue) may have heard of the Barge House already. You see this place was all over instagram a few months back for their speciality breakfast…the Breakfast in Bread.


I know that I pretty much tried to climb inside the screen the first time I saw the wonder of a full English Breakfast INSIDE a large bread roll so I’m pretty sure your eyes have just widened in glorious, jealous hunger after viewing the image above. Now imagine how I felt when I found out that this culinary delight could be found nestled (oh what a lovely cosy word) along my favourite canal path…well you can see why I was eager to go.

So there we were trotting down the canal, hand in hand like loves young dream, loling as as we passed the funny named boats and women who’s vaginas were trying to eat their tops (also know as guntwatch 101.), talking about how we would like to live in the foliage covered flats on the right and me panicking every time a bike came towards us nearly resulting in a Harry-in-Canal incident (something my family wouldn’t be surprised at, clumsy is my middle name) and then before we knew it we were at the Barge House.

Luckily for us it was still super early, as in I think the Barge House had opened a few minutes before we arrived. This meant we had no problem squeezing onto the end of a long table by the window but we were told that we should expect to share our table. And they weren’t joking. A mere 20mins later the place was packed out. Seems I wasn’t the only fan of the canal or this Breakfast in Bread creation. Damn you Instagram!


After smugly eyeballing the people who’d arrived too late to nab a table, we ordered some drinks. Matcha latte for me and an OJ for him. On hearing my order, my boyfriend rolled his eyes so hard at me he nearly lost his contacts in the back of his head (that’d teach him). Apparently a matcha latte isn’t a nice drink, rather something only trendy / trying to be cool / en vogue people order. Kinda true, I only ordered it because our old housemate always bang on about them – I don’t even really know what matcha is but I like that it’s green but a coffee and people outside of London probably haven’t heard of it.


Next on the agenda was obviously getting our hands on and mouths around the infamous breakfast in bread which comes in four different variants. In fact the breakfast in bread is the only thing on the weekend brunch menu. And you can have:


 – The Original –

bespoke sourdough loaf filled filled with smoked bacon, Cumberland sausage, slow roasted tomatoes, leeks, oyster mushrooms, spinach, topped with a free range egg and sprinkled with cheese

– The Vegetarian –

filled with slow roasted tomatoes, spinach, leeks, oyster mushrooms, avocado, asparagus, topped with a free range egg and sprinkled with cheese

– Smoked Salmon –

filled with spinach, leeks, smoked salmon, crème fraiche & topped with a free range egg & sprinkled with cheese.

– Hot Stuff –

with chorizo, hot beans, red peppers, chilli mushrooms, spinach, topped with a free range egg and sprinkled with cheese

Not a bad selection eh? I obviously went for the Original and I want to say Nicky did too although thinking about it he probably had the Hot Stuff. I really can’t remember though – it was a long time ago now.

Our breakfasts arrived and after a 20 minute photoshoot from every angle – these breakfasts are just so damn instagrammable – I finally deemed it time to start digging in. And that’s kinda what you have to do, dig in and dig in deep!


The addition of cheese and leek to the other English Breakfast staples such as sausages, bacon and mushrooms was an absolute revelation! I’d forgotten how much I like a good leek and on leaving the Barge House, proceeded to incorporate them into every meal for the next three weeks, until I was so sick of them I couldn’t even look at them in the supermarket let alone cook them for dinner.

But man were they a delicious addition to the breakfast in bread.


As for the cheese, well I don’t think I need to explain why that worked.

We tucked in happily until we both had to admit defeat and ended up leaving pretty much half of the bread roll – contents happily snaffled down into our bellies. This dish is incredibly filling and there is no way in hell you’ll be able to eat it all unless your some kind of Man vs Food eating champion.

Each breakfast in bread is £12.50 which is on the pricier end of the breakfast scale but they are bloody massive, you could probably even share one between two although not ever with me. Soz mate, I don’t like sharing.

Paid up, we headed back down the canal to Broadway Market for a quick stroll around and by the time we got there I’d decided I was ready to go again on the food front so promptly bought myself a unicorn poo (also known as a rainbow meringue) to munch on.


I mean, don’t you always have room for a little sweet summit, summit no matter how full you profess to be.

And that guys may not be how all the most exciting blog posts start but it is how all the best weekends start. Trust me.

You can book a table at the Barge House here and you can buy your own unicorn poo here.

I’m hoping to be blogging a bit more regularly now as I have too many photos of food on my phone that need to be deleted, so make sure you come back soon.

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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