5 Places to Visit in London, if you bloody LOVE Cheese

Oh hey guys, how the heck are ya?

Right can I get a show of hands from all the cheese loves in da house?


You lot are in the right place because this post is all about the best places in London to eat cheese and I decided to write it coz, much like you, I feckin’ love the stuff…

…in fact my little percornio romanos, I’m finishing off a cheese sandwich – and dropping crumbs all over my keyboard – as I type this. (looks like there might be a bit of tomato juice on the letter C too but whatevs).

broadway-market-saturday-east-london (17)

But it’s not just cheese sandwiches that I’m partial to, oh no I love all forms of this dairy delight…a cheese snob, I am not.

I’ll just as happily tuck into a truffle infused camembert as I will a Dairylea dunker – uh remember what a good day it was when you came across one of these in your packed lunch. And I get the same release of happy endorphins from Marmite cheese as I do an aged Roquefort . If you’ve never had either of these, then I hope you didn’t raise your hand at the beginning coz, you pal, don’t even know what cheese is.

So yes, I love all cheese –  even the pre-sliced supermarket stuff trying to do a runner out of my sandwich right at this moment makes my tastebuds do a little dance because, ugh, cheese is BAE.

(unless actual BAE is reading this in which case cheese is BAE when real BAE isn’t around…no I love YOU more.)

Ok, ok, so I reckon you guys have got the message: Harriet Killen ❤ All cheese 4Eva & eva, infinity +10. cross my heart & hope to die.

And as we know, plenty of you feel exactly the same about le fromage (hands up in the air again, like you just don’t care…), so with that in mind, as I said, I thought I’d share my tips on the cheesiest places in London. Places where the you can get your hit of the good stuff and send your calcium levels through the roof!!

And while you’re there, I’d say it’d probably be a good idea to cross me off your cheese addicts anonymous sponsor list as I’m clearly a #enabler and you’ll always end up #offthewagon with me.

So here you go my wee babybels, read this post caerphilly (oh you gouda be kidding me!), we all know that sweet dreams are made of brie and I camembert it if any of these places were gorgonzola before you had been to check them out. I know y’all philly me? Coz I can feel it coming gruyere tonight.

Are you feta-p yet?

Well I don’t give edam.

OK I’ll stop now before I drive you emmental.

Oh alright, here’s the list…it’s GRATE.


1. Champagne & Fromage


You might remember reading about my visit to Champagne & Fromage here on the blog,  back in October last year (if not you can totes read it by clicking HERE). I went with a group of gal pals for a much needed post-summer catch up.

It was meant to be a “chilled” & “sophisticated” evening but somehow after too many champagne cocktails, bottles of red wine and baked camemberts we ended up in the back of a cab, swigging straight from a bottle of Morgan’s spiced rum whilst en route to Fabric where we raved until the sun came up.


What can I say. Cheese clearly brings out our wild sides…well cheese or champagne or red wine or a combination of all three, it’s hard to tell which it might be.

We woke up the next day feeling particularly hideous but that was nothing to do with Champagne & Fromage itself, as this place is particularly wonderful.

We went to the Brixton Village venue which is small but perfectly formed. There are 4 or maybe 5 tiny table inside and the same outside. Although ‘outside’ you’re under the cover of Brixton market so you’re not really outside. Sure you might feel a slight breeze if it’s windy but you won’t get wet if it rains. They also have heaters and blankets for the outside tables so alfresco winter dining is a possibility.

Now I don’t know about you but, to me, the name Champagne & Fromage automatically lends itself to a feeling of that fabulous kinda life, you know that…

Oh Prudence dahhling I’m off out for Champagne & Fromage, tell the driver to pick up ball-gowns from the dry cleaners and I’ll be home just before the nanny leaves as I must get my nails done before we jet off to the Maldives tomorrow

…kind of life but do you know what; Champagne & Fromage is actually a rather relaxed and informal affair. Sure it’s mildly pretentious in a hipster kinda way but after a couple of bubbly Aperol Champagne Cocktails, you’ll feel right at home at one of their casual wooden tables, nibbling on a selection of their 50+ cheeses.


Speaking of the menu I think all you really need to know is that they do three varieties of spiced, baked camemberts – a garlic & herb, a fig & thyme and a sun-dried tomato & basil (we had *at least* two when we went and back then truffle & mushroom was also on the menu because October is prime truffling season). If for some weird reason that information isn’t sufficient then they also do charcuterie, tartines and a chocolate fondant for pudding.

The bill came to £40 pp which I think is fairly reasonable considering how much we drank & ate. (Do you think that’s reasonable or have I been in London too long and finally lost my grip on reality?!) And If you’re big on cheese and bubbles then this place is a must visit for you.

I haven’t been to their Covent Garden or Greenwich venues so if you fancy getting a table and have no-one to go with (or even if you do) I’ll happily come with.

Book at table at any three of their restaurants HERE.

2. The Melt Room

The Melt Room_Soho_20150506_163803

Ahh the Melt Room. A grilled cheese sandwich gaff that ‘never melt so good.’

I remember the brewing excitement in my office when we heard this cheesy little gem was opening up around the corner from our Soho office.

Everyday updated pictures of the restaurant build were sent in a flurry of whatsapp messages. “the windows are in” – “they’ve finished the counter” – “the sign is up!!” – “it says opening 7th May!!!!!!” – to say we were looking forward to it was an understatement

Finally on opening day we trotted over to Noel Street and joined the already fairly long queue of other hungry Soho-lunchers, all eager to get their mitts on a a melted cheese sarnie…and it didn’t disappoint.

The Melt Room_Soho_20150506_164528

Melted cheese check. Toasted bread check. Beige, carby goodness chhhhheck.

Okay. So it might be a teeny weeny bit overpriced for what it was (about a fiver & up for a sarnie depending on what filling you get) but then, this is London and well, we pay more then we should for everything because we’re morons and we love a good old gimmick too.

There’s also the argument of cost & worth and let’s be honest cheese is always worth it. No matter what the price.

So if you find yourself lagging after too much shopping on Oxford Street then head to the Melt Room and refuel. I can recommend the slow & low lamb shoulder & cheese sarnie or perhaps the bacon, mac & cheese option will do you?

Or maybe you’re in need of something sweet? Well they’ve got that covered too, with melt in the mouth mascarpone & nutella fillings.

OR perhaps it’s still early and you’re on a breakfast vibe – in that case, the benedict melt with scrambled egg, hollandaise and or course cheese is the one for you bruv.

 Eat in (if there’s room), take away and you can even order online AND enjoy your grilled cheese sandwich with a bottle of beer or…even better…a bottle of prosecco as this place is licensed! SNAP.

Dissolve into the Melt Room HERE.

3. Paxton & Whitfield


I think I’ve found my cheesy mecca and it’s at 93 Jermyn Street, London, England, The World, The Universe.

That’s right, just a street away from the madness of Piccadilly Circus & Regent Street is the holy grail of cheese shops – Paxton & Whitfield which is the OLDEST CHEESE SHOP IN LONDON!!

After reading about it online and swooning with delight at how cute and old-fashioned and just downright adorbs it looked I legged it there one sunny lunchtime and I was totally bowled over by how good it was…as I said it’s a total cheese mecca!

…Albeit a quiet one, it was almost empty when I visited (around 2pm on a Thursday) but I took this to be a good thing, it meant I had the place to myself and could peruse the stock without being jostled or barged out the way which happens a lot up here in that, there London.


And as for the stock, well it’s every cheese lovers dream. The counters are full to bursting with every variety imaginable, it’s an absolute cave of dairy wonder. Couple this with incredibly friendly and helpful staff and I was just about ready to move in.

…not sure how my boyfriend would feel about that – probably pretty pleased tbh because it would mean that he would get the whole bed to himself and he’d never have to pull another hair grip out of the washing machine again…sadly though I don’t think I’ll be packing my bags anytime soon.

As much as I’d love to be surrounded by all that cheese all the time I don’t think there’d be any room for all my shoes and well, I probably wouldn’t smell too great either. Shame babe, looks like you’ll have to move back over to your side of the bed after all…and by your side I obviously mean that sliver on the edge that I allow you to lie on.

I will, however, be making weekly pilgrimages to Paxton & Whitfield to stuff myself with cheese samples and line my pockets with cheese sandwiches (they do pre-made, takeaway ones) and sausage rolls. Yes sausage rolls in a cheese shop. And they’re really, very, very good.

I feel like visiting the oldest cheese shop in London is be a right of passage for any self-confessed cheese-a-holic so you must make the trip if you consider yourself one. Be prepared to come in search of the oldest and leave having visited the best…I’ll be shocked if you don’t agree.

Find Paxton & Whitfield HERE.

They also partner Androuet (a French cheese shop) in Spitalfields so if you’re over East and in need of some calcium, you can get your fix here.

4. The Cheese Truck


Whoever thought of the Cheese Truck deserves a big old pat on the back, in my opinion.

It was definitely what was missing from my childhood and I hope future generations realise how lucky they are that a cheese truck is now in existence. As a self-confessed savoury over sweet gal I would have been so much more excited had this pulled into my street instead of the boring old, run of the mill, ice-cream truck.

I mean WHO wants a disappointing 99er when you can have a delectable cheese sandwich, eh? WHO I ASK YOU?

Anyway, I had my first offering from these guys way back in 2014 when I went to the fireworks at Ally Pally, their cheesy truck of goodness was parked up on the hill and they were offering massive sarnies just WEDGED with cheese. Like properly wedged. More-cheese-than-bread wedged.



And that’s just how it should be – fast & loose with the cheese. Too often I feel that when buying food these days, the portions are way too controlled (talking to you Jenny at Chipotle, the sour cream & cheese doesn’t come directly out of your wages DOES IT? So how about stop being such stingy bitch then?)  but the amount of cheese these guys cram in between two bits of bread is truly inspiring.

Their menu consists of four staples – goat’s cheese & honey, Stilton & bacon, cheddar cheese & onion and queso & chorizo – and they also do ‘fondue’ fries which are chips topped with a  gooey cheese sauce. <<< that sentence is like the start of an erotic novel for me. “Chips dripping in a home-made cheddar sauce” – OH I SAY!

You can find them at Malty Market most weekends but being a truck ’n’ having, you know, four-wheels and everything, they do get about so keep an eye on their twitter to see where they’re hanging out this week.

Full website HERE.

6. St Moritz


Rounding this list off is St Moritz. I couldn’t really have a list of the cheesiest places in London without sharing this fantastic fondue find now, could I?

And it’s another one for the Guinness Book of World records holding the title of the oldest Swiss restaurant in London! I visited with work colleagues a few months back to celebrate the end of of a really, long, stressful and mental project and it was the ideal way to unwind after a few weeks of mayhem.

We ordered two different fondues and a shit-load of red wine – hey, we earned it!

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 15.53.21.pngSource

The fondue came with bread and meat. The meat was raw (soz if you already know this but it was my first meat fondue and I didn’t realise that it would be raw) and then you dipped it in some boiling oil (absolute healthy & safety field day) where it bubbled away – obviously the longer you put it in for the more ‘well-done’ it became and then after this it was dipped in the fondue ‘Moitie Moitie’ – a mixture of gruyere & vacherin. aka absolutely delish. (if a little bit rich by the end!)

When we eventually finished dipping (the beauty of a fondue is you can drag it out for a long old time) I was so full and happy that I’d pretty much turned into one half of Tweedledum & Tweedledee – I was as big as a house and smiling, manically – it was a very good evening.

Of course fondue isn’t all they do on the menu, blah, blah, boring schnitzel but why you would go there and order anything other than a pot of melted heaven is beyond me.

Like the Melt Room these guys are in Soho and the restaurant has a properly inviting alpine feel to it. You can find it and more info here.

Anyone else seriously craving a little cheese snack after reading all of this?

So there you have it guys a solid list of the cheesiest places in London that you can start working your way through.

Let me know if you’ve been to any of the above or if there are any churches of cheese I’ve missed off! And if you ever feel bad for indulging in too much of a good thing just remember that cheese is also pretty damn nutritious, it contains not only calcium but protein, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin B12. It’s basically a superfood right?

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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