24 Hours in Paris

Paris is such a great city, if you get the chance to visit you should defintely go, even if it’s just for just for 24 hours. It’s so jaw-droppingly beautiful in parts that you can’t help but fall it love it. With the architecture, the food, the cool Parisian people, the place itself and hopefully the person you’re visiting with too (looking at you boo!)

I was lucky enough to tag a visit on the end of a 2 day trip to Disneyland Paris last year and it didn’t disappoint.

(wanna read about my Disneyland Paris trip click HERE.)

We were staying in Disneyland Paris for 3 days and on the 2nd day of our break, after watching the early evening Disney Magic Parade, my boyfriend and I caught the train from Marne-Le-Valle into central Paris for the evening.

As far as I remember getting train tickets was easy-ish (you get one ticket for every journey so we ended up with about 237835794 tickets each, I might have exaggerated that. I think we only had 4 tickets each.) and it took about 45minutes to get us into the centre of Paris where we emerged from beneath the streets at one end of the Champs Elysee…just as the sun was setting.


It was a beautiful night and therefore we decided to walk pretty much the length of the Champs in search of Hotel Costes where we were thinking about having dinner. (totally didn’t realise how far away it was or how long the Champs Elysee is).

We, of course, stopped for a few photos on the way. I mean, duhhh, we were in Paris!


We eventually found Hotel Costes sandwiched in between Alexander McQueen and Gucci and across the road from Cartier, Prada and Chanel. Gulp.

Don’t get me wrong Hotel Costes is gorgeous but unless you are dressed to kill, rolling up in a Rolls Royce or have hit the jackpot you may feel *a little* out of place. And the Parisian charm here is every bit the stereotype, they don’t exactly welcome you with open arms. Still if I had been more prepared and better dressed (I feel like flat shoes aren’t the norm here) I might have been keener to stay for a cocktail in the very decadent surroundings. You can’t fault the decor in this place.

Instead we moved on to Le Castiglione which is about a 5 minute walk down the road. And these guys are simply charming, they gladly showed us to a table after I gave my best nonchalant “oui” when they asked us “dîner pour deux?”. In fact I was so convincing in my delivery that they actually mistook me for a REAL LIFE FRENCH WOMAN!!! Don’t mind me guys, just nailing that Je Ne Sais Quoi life. Could be Coco Chanel herself, we’re not 100% sure.

Anyway after admitting to the fact I was a boring old Brit masquerading as a chic French fille, they handed us a couple of menus and we set about ordering dinner. I only took two measly pictures in the restaurant, I was obviously still distracted by the fact they thought I was cool enough to be French and therefore forgot that bloggers take pictures of their food. FAIL.

So our starters got snapped but I forgot about the mains, which isn’t too much of a problem as I had steak with bernaise sauce and everyone can picture what that looks like, can’t they? *picturing it now and salivating*

For starters we had French Onion Soup for him and a Caprese Salad for me…



(umm let’s also be honest here, these aren’t the greatest pictures to ever grace the internet so I doubt we’re really missing the mains are we?)

I have to admit as much as I loved the mozzarella & tomato salad (actually my favourite thing to eat any time of the day, month, year) I probably could have benefited from a nice warm cheesy, onion soup as I was starting to feel the onset of man-flu. I did sneak a taste from the boyfriend (ain’t he a doll) so all was not lost and with the super cheesy top it was a far superior French Onion Soup to most. My Caprese sally was still proper lush too.

For my main…well, the steak was melt in the mouth delish and Nicky definitely had to hide his food envy. I think he had the rack of Lamb but I can’t actually remember. Either way it was a very, very pleasant dinner and we might have had dessert too (that’s not me being coy, I actually can’t remember that either…ffs memory, sort it out will you!)

If you fancy checking La Castiglione out for yourself then visit the website HERE.

Afterwards we headed out into Paris – deciding to take a trip to the Eiffel Tower.


I’d only been to Paris once before (when I won a trip for being brilliant at my job *brushes shoulder*) and hadn’t seen the Eiffel Tower at night so as touristy as it may be I felt I had to tick that one of the list and it was noiiice to see it all lit up.

We stayed in the area for a while, taking pics, watching street performers and feeling the chill thanks to the incoming man-flu before deciding to head back to the train station and back to our hotel near Disneyland.

…and 3 hours later we arrived back in Marne-Le-Vallee. Yeaaaaaaah. THREE hours.

Basically there was not a good service on all Paris underground lines and our train kept saying the wrong destination. We waited an age on the platform (with a few other clueless tourists) before just jumping on the next train that went anywhere and whaddyaknow the destination changed and it ended up going to Marne-Le-Vallee, thank gaawwwd.

But by this time the two or maybe three beers my boyf had, had, had (So many hads?! god English language you bloody weirdo) decided they wanted out of his body and he basically had to tie a knot in it and I thought he was actually going to wet himself on the train. It was all very tense (but hilarious for me) and probably just about the worst journey of his entire life.

The good news is he didn’t wee all over himself on Parisian train and we can go back to Paris in the future without fear of having to relive an awful memory of him actually wetting himself in a foreign country, in public. No. Instead we can both just laugh about that time he almost wet himself, like oh god wasn’t that funny hahaha. Oh what, you didn’t think it was? oh ok. soz boyfriend. Maybe I should stop talking about it on my blog now.

Too much information?

Anyway we got back to our room where I thought I might die from the Man Flu, downed too many Paracetamol and fell asleep for the last time at our Disneyland hotel.

The next morning we awoke, missed breakfast, packed our bags and put them in the storage place at the hotel before hopping back on the shuttle bus to the train station (oh remember when we were here last night babe and you thought you were gonna wet yourself?! Oh too soon? Soz, right ok I’ll just shut up now.) to catch the train back into Paris for the morning.

Having never see the Louve in real life before this was my first port of call.

With the blue skies above and the gorgeous old building behind it was a fantastic sight.


We posed about with our selfie stick and Nicky thought I was a total nutter when I tried to get the tip of the Louve in between my fingers while asking him to take a pic. He legitimately did not know this was a ‘thing’ people did…honestly this boy?!?! Sometimes I wonder what rock he’s been living under.


I mean I think you can tell from the look on his face on the pic above. Total bewilderment.

After educating him on the cliche pics of the world (can’t wait to see his face if we ever go to Pisa) we took a walk down the river Seine towards Notre Dame.


It was such a beautiful Autumn day, the sun was shining, the leaves on the trees were changing colour and I was strolling through Paris on a Sunday with a guy that doesn’t know about the ‘holding the Louve in your finger tips’ pic. What a time to be alive.

On our way down the river we found the Love Lock bridge…which had actually had all the locks removed from it! Instead people now seem to be putting them on the fencing that runs down the side of the river.


We didn’t add our own, I feel like love locks are a little gimmicky now and possibly like a getting your beau’s name tattooed on you…the cynic in me wonders how many of the love lock couples are still together? The romantic in me thinks it’s wonderful how many people are in locked into love.

We eventually made it to Notre Dame where there were hoards of tourists taking pictures and queuing up to get inside, so we snapped a couple of shots ourselves before heading off in search of somewhere to eat.

Notre Damn is a seriously cool building though and some of that aforementioned architecture that you may just all in love with.


(Don’t make Quasimodo joke.)


We hooked a left and walked down the tiny Parisian streets…past the cutest set of shops I think I’ve ever seen.


And even stumbled on an impromptu street performance…

We did a full loop (looking for this cute place I’d seen on Pinterest but I was in totally the wrong area) before settling on lunch on the pavement outside Cafe St Regis. It was a beautiful little restaurant and Nicky even o f f e r e d (!) to take some pics of me sitting outside it which is totally out of character for him. He legit hates having to take pictures like a good blogger boyfriend.

So I pretended to look at the menu while he stood across the street papping me and it was absolutely as weird, funny and awkward as you’d think it would be. I don’t think we’ll be making this a regular occurrence.


^^^ haha – I’m such a “blogger”- and not very impressed with the menu by the looks of it? Not the case at all.


I ordered a Goats Cheese Salad and Nicky wanted the breakfast sandwich but got the club sandwich. The food was very nice, it didn’t blow our minds but it was very enjoyable and it was such a beautiful setting, with great staff that I would absolutely recommend it to anyone visiting Paris.

We paid up and decided to walk back up towards Jardin des Tuileries…which was just dreamy.


*sigh* ain’t Paris a beauty.

We ambled back to the train station caught the train back to Marne-Le-Valle, collected our bags (lol Nicky’s had totes been put in the wrong place and wasn’t in the store room when we went to pick it up. Drama. Long story short it was already at the Eurostar gate waiting for him.) and then boarded the Eurostar back to London where I promptly spent 3 days in bed thanks to the vilest flu in the world.

And that, my internet pals, was our 24 hours in Paris. Short and sweet, it left me eager to return again soon. I have yet to explore the Montmartre area of the city which I’ve heard is one of the best bits. So I’m sure I’ll be able to squeeze in another day trip in the next year or so…laterz Pari!


Have you been to gay old Pari? Do you love it too? Where else would you recommend visiting?

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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