7 Girly Things to do in London

Being a girl (at least the last time I checked, wheeeey booooobies!) and having quite a few female friends; I sometimes find myself thinking of stuff for us to do of a weekend that involves embracing our gender stereotype as much as we fucking can.

You know those weekends where you want fabulous cocktails somewhere with a view and decor to die for. Or a a bottomless brunch in a restaurant that looks like it just jumped off the pages of Pinterest that you can Instagram the crap out of.

Or when you want to be pampered in a place that’s cool, quirky and glam all at the same time and possibly makes us feel like we’re on the set of SATC (without the expensive shoes or ridiculous apartments). Somewhere girly and dare I say it, a bit fucking fabulous dahhhhling.

And I honestly don’t care how much of a Michael Khors watch-wearing, Mean Girls quoting, Audrey Hepburn loving, avocado eating, basic bitch that makes me sound; sometimes, SOMETIMES, it’s what us girls want to do. k?

So I thought I’d share a few of my favourite girly spots for those times when a pint in the pub just won’t do.




Just. fucking. look. at. it.

I mean, if that picture does not say GIRLS DRINKING COCKTAILS AND BITCHING ABOUT LIFE then I don’t know what does.

And not just because it’s pink. Because it’s not just pink is it? It’s Salmon. Or perhaps Rose. Either way it’s to die for and is the perfect spot to kick off a long boozy lunch or enjoy a dreamy mum & daughter afternoon tea or a fabulous birthday dinner.

And don’t even get me started on the Egg-pod toilets. The only Telfie (toilet selfie…yes we’re making it happen) ever okay in my book.

Book a table HERE.

Columbia Road Flower Market



Rolling with all the female cliches here: What do girls love more than pink? Well a nice bunch of flowers, duh! However, screw waiting around for a man to buy you a bouquet. Nu-uh. No babez, you go and get your own from Columbia Road Flower Market and take your gal pals with you.

Not only is it a prime spot for taking like, a gazillion pictures for your instagram (the flowers, the cute shops and the ohmychrist I wanna live in that house with the pink door) it’s likely one of the geezers working on the stalls will throw some cockney charm your way and you’ll leave feeling all ‘dang, still got it’ about yourself.

So head down either super early on a Sunday to avoid the crowds or super late (3/4pm ish) for the end of day bargains and then spend the whole week sighing with delight at how much those Gerberas have brightened your flat up.

You can also pick up any number of OTT but pretty AF items including  Rob Ryan prints, a weird array on kitchen utensils & gadgets (for which you have no idea how to use or actually what they’re even for but they look so fancy) and wrought iron bird cages to give your over-priced room in London a touch of shabby chic.


More info about the market HERE.

Scent Picking at Jo Malone



I legit only found out that this was something people did last year when my friend bought it up at the airport when we were on our way to the Beetz (just trying out some new slang for Ibiza) for a mental old time.

Of course I played along like yah darling totes have my own scent of pumpernickel and beeswax but really I was totally oblivious to the fact that some people don’t just go into Boots, see what’s on offer and use that as their perfume for the next 3months (yes 3, I’m a more is more kind of girl in the perfume stakes). Or rather wait until it’s Christmas / Birthday for another bottle of Tom Ford Black Orchid from their mum.

No. Some people are better than a generic perfume scent even if it is Tom – smells like seduction – Ford. Some people want their OWN bloody smell. And do you know what, I actually think it’s a really nice (albeit a bit wanky) idea.

I mean, the women with her own personalised scent has definitely got her shit together, hasn’t she? She knows who she is, what she likes and she ain’t gonna just throw on a bit of Sexy 212 and swan out the house to take on the patriarchy is she?

So head to Jo Malone and start working out your scent hunnies. (I’ve totally picked this place because I don’t actually know anywhere else you could do this?) Go with your girls and spend a morning saying ‘oh babe this is SO you’ and then when you have a headache from the overwhelming stench of Lavender go somewhere for a glass #champagne (because social media can’t tell if it’s actually a bottle of prosecco, am I right?!).

(p.s. the stores are also totally chic monochrome *house goals* ain’t they?)

Find a store, sorry, Boutique HERE.

Cheeky Nails



As much as the saying ‘Cheeky Nandos’ makes me want to wipe out the human race, Cheeky Nails or rather Cheeky Parlours is something I can totally get on board with.

And I’m sure your girls would agree. A one stop pamper shop providing manicures, pedicures, make-overs, blowdries, up-dos and more; it’s the perfect place to go to get dolled up before a wild night out or just when you’re in need of a little TLC.

They’ve got two locations, the original Cheeky Palour in Shoreditch (right next to Shoreditch House to be exact) and one in Holborn at the new Hoxton Holborn hotel (alright, newish…it’s been there for over a year now).

Go and sit in one of their retro chairs and feel good about yourself. Have a gossip, drink some cheeky cocktails and throw your freshly blow-dried barnet back as you laugh at how fucking SATC with a touch of hipster you are right now.

Check them out here

Bourne & Hollingsworth Building



Another ‘to-die-for’ spot this time located in Clerkenwell, the Bourne & Hollingsworth building is impressive from the off with it’s grand exterior and the mood continues inside…

From the House of Hackney floral chairs in the leafy greenhouse to the bentwood mahogany and wicker booths in the restaurant, the punchy cocktail menu and, get this, free-standing Victorian bath *swoon* in the loos that has been re-imagined as a sink.

The Bourne & Hollingsworth Building has hit the girly nail on the head.

Come for the bottomless Bellini brunch and stay all day – curling up on a sofa by the open fire when the bellinis have done their damage and you need to lay back and relax.

Book a table for me and you this weekend HERE

Charlotte Tilbury Make-up Appointment



Umm. Yeah. THAT ^^^^ is what the interior of Charlotte Tilbury’s new flagship shop in Covent Garden looks like.

Be still my beating heart.

*heart eyed emojis*

The ‘beauty boudoir’ as it’s called is the epitome of everything glam & girly and definitely what you’ve imagined your ‘makeup room’ would look like if you were on Cribs.

It also doesn’t hurt that Charlotte Tilbury is championed as one of, if not, the best makeup artists in game at the moment.

So step away from the Collection 2000 (apart from their liquid eyeliner which is every beauty bloggers bargain fave.) gather up your girldem and book hour long appointments for a makeover with a professional who can teach you some tricks of the trade too.

Prices start from £35 for an appointment and the shop is open 7 days a week.

They also do 15minute walk in consultations and personally, I think the makeup is fairly reasonably priced (on the same level as Mac).

And who knows after an hour spent here, you might not even have to filter your next selfie! Hello A-Game.

Get yourself an appointment HERE.

Petersham Nurseries



Cuteness per-fucking-sonified.

I mean, you could argue that Richmond isn’t reaaaaallly London and more like a parallel universe where people can actually afford to own the houses they live in but it’s well worth a visit for the poshest Garden centre in the universe.

Take a walk with your girl gang around the Garden shop first. Cooing over all the overpriced battered milk bottles cum vases that you would LOVE to buy for your makeup table at home to fill with flowers from your (now) weekly pilgrimage to Columbia Road Flower Market.

Then you need to make your choice between the tea rooms for a camomile cuppa and a slice of lemon drizzle or the once-upon a time michelin star restaurant for a taste sensation courtesy of ex-Hix Soho chef Damien Clisby – probably a decision dependent on whether you are lucky enough to have a trust fund on not.

If you don’t have a trust fund and do go for the latter option be sure to have your bank manager ready on speed dial to OK the OTT payment that’s about to exit your account to what is essentially a garden centre cafe – cheap it is not.

But who cares when you’re surrounded by mother nature and all her beauty eh? Bitchez be like, can’t eat for the rest of the month but look how pretty this place is!!!!!

It’s the ultimate indulgent ladies who lunch spot so put your hands in the air like you just care and ride that district line rail to Richmond.

Read more about Petersham Nurseries HERE.

So those are my suggested spots for the girliest of times! Are there any that you think should be added into the list? Have you been to any of the above, did they live up to expectation?

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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