Disneyland Paris: Day Two

I don’t know why but I can’t really be bothered to write this post – which is ridiculous because Disneyland Paris was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on in my whole entire life and I should absolutely be gagging to keep bragging about it on my blog.

But meh.

I just feel like these posts are a bit like, oh yeah I went here, I did this and oh what you guys don’t give a shit? Cool OK let me just write an essay on it anyway.

Know what I mean?

Anyway despite feeling the above I’m going to trundle on and write this post and who knows maybe 6million people will read it and it’ll be a viral sensation and I’ll be motivated to round off my Parisian adventure in a few more posts…so here we go.

Disneyland Paris (68)

As you all (should) know day one in Disneyland Paris was absolutely amazing, living up to all expectation. I’d loved every minute of it and couldn’t wait to go back the very next day for more of the same.

disneyland-paris (24)

We awoke late (exhausted from walking so much the day before) and made our way down to breakfast in the hotel, which was absolutely heaving.

There was a queue of about 20 people waiting to be seated which was a bit annoying but once we were I managed to make up for it by eating roughly 18 slices of brie with a French loaf, 11 croissants and 4 pancakes with Nutella.

Of course I wore my Sequin Minnie Mouse ears again but this time teamed them with my favourite sequin jumper from H&M which is currently in the sale for a tenner – I can’t find it on the website but it might be in store still, if you’re lucky?!

It the sort of jumper that puts a smile on your face and everyone else’s because it’s, as your Gran would say ‘so jazzy’. Not exactly how I’d like anything I wear to be described but what can you do.

Disneyland Paris (78)

Anyways, after eating my calorie intake for the day at breakfast, we caught the shuttle bus back to the park and made our way back in to Walt Disney Studios just so I could have a picture with the Singing in the Rain Umbrella.


Disneyland Paris (84)

I wish this was a clearer picture as I’m clearly nailing the jump but I guess this will have to do. And just FYI you press a button on the lamp-post to ‘make it rain’ – Disneyland have literally thought of everything.

What the picture doesn’t show is me 30secs away from drop-kicking a 5 year old who was intent on ruining my pic. Lucky for her I got this shot before she stole the show with her cute dancing in MY rain.

The weather was, once again, amazing and there was nothing but blue skies and sunshine for us. I think it made everything look even better and feel more like we were in a real life Disney Film.

disneyland-paris (22)disneyland-paris (21)Disneyland Paris (73)Disneyland Paris (80)Disneyland Paris (105)

Pictures done; we made our way into the main Disneyland Park…

Disneyland Paris (85)

…and straight over to Space Mountain.

Disneyland Paris (70)Disneyland Paris (101)

Disneyland Paris (102)Disneyland Paris (65)

As you can see from the pic above I had a wail of a time whereas the feller was absolutely terrified. What a wuss eh? (OK so he maaaay have known where the camera was and “pretended” to look scared. Sure you did mate. Sure.)

After conquering Space Mountain we headed over to ride with Buzz Lightyear which has a massive queue so we got a fast track time instead – you basically use your disney passes in a machine that gives you a time to come back at, save you waiting 4 days to get on a ride, pretty good but also means that sometimes you can be told to come back 2 hours later!

Anyway, we made our way back to Main Street as the daily Harvest Parade was about to begin!

We pitched up next to the castle, under beautiful blue skies and it sure was a sight. And I definitely did an excited squeel like “am I really here!!!” Which I realise makes me a stereotypical girl but this Disney Princess don’t even care.

Disneyland Paris (60)

Then the parade kicked off with Daisy Duck and her dancing pals leading the way…

Disneyland Paris (67)Disneyland Paris (71)

Followed by Pluto and some dancing Scarecrows & Pumpkins…

Disneyland Paris (94)Disneyland Paris (5)

And then Clarabelle…

Disneyland Paris (6)

Who was followed by some magic looking mushrooms…

Disneyland Paris (93)

Next up Whinnie the Pooh and Gang danced on past…

Disneyland Paris (106)

With Eeyore bringing up the rear…bless him.

Disneyland Paris (77)

Then Donald and his crew arrived on their impressive float.

Disneyland Paris (76)Disneyland Paris (81)Disneyland Paris (79)

Followed by some extremely enthusiastic farmers with pitch forks.

And then they appeared.

The ones we’d all been waiting for…

Disneyland Paris (92)

Micky & Minnie Mouse, looking all Havest-y (is that a word?) and cute and ahhh I’m at Disneyland and I feel like I’m in a film.

Disneyland Paris (64)

And as they passed along with this little chipmunk at the back; we got to follow the float and dance around and I 100% felt like *life goal achieved* now I’ve basically been in a Disney Film – the bit where they break in to song for no reason and everyone dances and sings along because that’s what happened. The whole crowd were dancing and singing and it was pure magic.

On a high, we (me) danced until we were in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle where we stopped for a photo op.

Disneyland Paris (23)

The pic  was taken by a stranger who obvs didn’t think we’d want the whole thing Castle in it or anything. Still it’s totally going in a frame.

Disneyland Paris (8)

We then headed into the castle and I quizzed my bloke on the story of Sleeping Beauty. He failed miserably – I honestly don’t think he’s seen one Disney film. Oh the Horror.

But I’ll totally forgive him seeing as he’s the one that actually took me to Disneyland. Or maybe I’ll just let Maleficent’s dragon take care of him?

Disneyland Paris (22)

Just kiddddddding!

Out the other side of the Castle we bumped into Maleficent herself…

Disneyland Paris (90)

Who looked positively repulsed by everything and everyone as she posed for pictures and signed autographs.

Oh the pressures of being a Disney villain eh?

Disneyland Paris (21)

We were now in Fantasyland – which we set about exploring and going on rides, starting with the really scary and wild Carousel.

Disneyland Paris (11)Disneyland Paris (12)

Before heading over to Alice’s Curious Labyrinth…

Disneyland Paris (66)

Where we took a stroll through Wonderland…which is totally much favourite Disney film.

I mean could it BE any more ridiculous? Unbirthdays, Muthtard, How do you do and shake hands. It’s hilarious.

We eventually found our way through, ending up at the Queen of Hearts’ Castle.

We climbed to the top for some amazing views over the park.

Disneyland Paris (20)Disneyland Paris (19)

It was then time to head back to Buzz Lightyear ride…the time had come the walrus said!

So we hopped in the fast track queue but probably still ended up waiting around 10-15mins.

But it was worth it!

Once on the ride your cart for two heads through a series of rooms and you have to shoot targets with your lazer gun, things can get quite competitive as you try and get more points than your boyfriend or the person next to you on the ride.

Disneyland Paris (24)Disneyland Paris (25)

So competitive you forget all about posing for pics and instead concentrate on taking down Emperor Zurg!!!!

Disneyland Paris (26)

Who clearly stood no chance against me.

Next we headed back over to adventure land and almost got lost in Davey Jones’ Locker

Disneyland Paris (28)Disneyland Paris (27)IMG-20151013-WA0012.jpg

before going on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride which was like a log flume but not scary…

Disneyland Paris (29)

Check us two out having the MOST fun at the back of the ride!

Hands in the air like you just don’t care kids!!!

We then quickly headed back to the hotel to get changed for dinner (we were heading into Paris that night) before coming back to the park to watch the late afternoon Disney Magic on Parade, parade.

…but not before one last selfie in front of the Disneyland hotel

Disneyland Paris (31)

Back inside the park, Main Street was heaving with people and we had to get pretty elbow-y to get a spot…

But it was so worth it when it started…with of course, the fairy’s, Flora, Fauna & Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty…

Disneyland Paris (32)

And then Sleeping Beauty herself…

Disneyland Paris (35)

Who was followed by Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming!

Disneyland Paris (36)

And then it was time to Let It Go with Elsa, Anna & Olaf…

Disneyland Paris (37)Disneyland Paris (38)

Because some people are worth melting for.

Mr White Rabbit, The Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter came next…Disneyland Paris (40)Disneyland Paris (39)Disneyland Paris (41)Disneyland Paris (42)Disneyland Paris (43)

And then we spotted the Fairy Godmother with Cinderella…

Disneyland Paris (33)

…With Merlin hitching a ride on the back!

Disneyland Paris (34)

The next float we were in Never Never Land with Peter and that crafty little croc…

Disneyland Paris (49)

Disneyland Paris (50)

Mary Poppin’s was spotted on her Carousel…

Disneyland Paris (51)

And then a dancing Penguin or two…

Disneyland Paris (52)

Before the Lion King & the Jungle Book combined on their float…

Disneyland Paris (47)Disneyland Paris (48)

For Hakuna Mata about the Bear Necessities of life.

Jesse and the Toy Soldiers took to the street next…

Disneyland Paris (44)

Closely followed by Buzz & the gang…

Disneyland Paris (45)

And then finally came the chipmunks…

Disneyland Paris (54)

Goofy & Donald…

Disneyland Paris (55)

And ending the Parade, Minnie & Micky once more.

Disneyland Paris (53)

With Tinkerbell hiding in the back!

Disneyland Paris (56)

And then that was it. The parade was over and so was our Disneyland Paris experience.

I had the best two days in Disneyland and feel so lucky to have experienced it as an adult so I could fully take in how awesome it is.

If you haven’t been they you should so release your inner child and book a trip. Even the grumpiest most cynical person wouldn’t be able to resist enjoying it.

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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