Disneyland Paris: Day One, Part Two

So where did I leave you guys?

…Oh yeah, my boyfriend and I had indulged in a Fortnum & Mason’s brekkie, caught the Eurostar to Marne la Vallée, watched a shite movie on route, dumped our bags at the hotel and then spent the first few hours of our time at Disneyland Paris having all the fun and MEGALOLS in the Walt Disney Studios Park.

(missed that post? Well you can catch up on it HERE – go on, don’t worry, I’ll wait.)

Ready for part two? cool, let’s go…

With the Walt Disney Studios Park coming to a close we made our way over the main Disneyland Park and ohmyeffinglorrrd *all the mental screaming faced emojis* I was so, so, SO excited.

The first thing you see is the renowned pink and blue Disneyland Paris Hotel.

Disneyland Paris (69)

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 16.46.28.png

Which you can totally stay in, if you’re a gazillionaire. (ok maybe not a gazillionaire but someone with a fair bit of cash to splash on a mini-break)

You walk underneath the hotel to get into the park and just as with Walt Disney Studios Park as soon as you come out the other side the magic takes hold!!!

We were visiting in October so the whole place was decked out with Halloween decorations.

disneyland-paris (26)

Which was really, truly AWESOME.

disneyland-paris (27)disneyland-paris (74)

Naturally I had to indulge in a pair of Sequin Minnie Mouse ears – at a not exactly reasonable €16.99 a pop (that’s kind of a running theme at the park, normal stuff being totally unreasonably priced) but oh how necessary they were.

disneyland-paris (28)

We strolled up Main Street past the ornately decorated shops and soon we were met by the most magnificent first glimpse of Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

Disneyland Paris (89)

disneyland-paris (75)

I think the look on my face says everything about how I was feeling!!

The Castle is everything you’re expecting and more, especially against a backdrop of a bright blue sky. And I know I keep using the word but it was just magical. That’s the only way to describe it. The whole place oozes magic and it completely transports you to another world.

disneyland-paris (72)

Once I’d stopped oohing and ahhhing over the Castle we headed off around the park.

Popping first into Aladdin’s cave…to see Prince Ali Fabulous he Ali Ababwa

disneyland-paris (31)disneyland-paris (30)

and his pal and all round superstar, the Genie.

Through the other side of Aladdin’s cave we found ourselves next to a pirate ship…and we suddenly realised we were in Adventure Land.

disneyland-paris (32)disneyland-paris (34)disneyland-paris (35)disneyland-paris (36)

Where we climbed up into the Family Robinson Tree-House!

disneyland-paris (71)

Before heading over to ride on the Indiana Jones Temple of Doom!!!

disneyland-paris (37)

Which was super rickety and nearly gave me concussion. FUN.

Next up we headed over to Thunder Mountain & Frontier Land but sadly the ride was closed due to technical issues, so we had a go on the shoot em’ up instead.

disneyland-paris (39)disneyland-paris (40)

Which I’ll be honest, I wasn’t *great* at.

By now the sun had started to set and we were treated to the most beautiful autumn sky.

disneyland-paris (41)disneyland-paris (43)

And looking around I genuinely felt like I was in the Wild West or living it up near the Grand Canyon or on set of a seriously cool Disney movie.

disneyland-paris (44)

I always think Autumn is such a beautiful time of year and it was perfect time to visit Disneyland Paris, not too warm but still nice and sunny and probably a little less busy than in the summer too.

We headed on through the park exploring and before long we spotted our first Disney character…Jack Skellington!


Which was a real highlight!

We then spotted a little photo op…

disneyland-paris (45)

where we posed up a storm with the Halloween decor… disneyland-paris (46)

…before we braved the queue for the haunted house!!

disneyland-paris (48)

Which was one of my favourite rides! If you’ve ever been on Mr Bubbleworks at Chessington then it’s that kind of thing. A lot of fun and it’s even suitable for big kids like me.

Back outside it was getting darker and darker and we knew it was nearly time for the evening Disney Dreams show!

disneyland-paris (49)

But first we had a look around Discovery Land…where you can find Space Mountain, the biggest roller coaster at Disneyland Paris.

disneyland-paris (54)

And also the Buzz Lightyear ride…which looked so much fun.

disneyland-paris (53)

disneyland-paris (55)

With not enough time to go on anything before the Disney Dreams show started we promised ourselves we’d come back here in the morning to take on Space Mountain and a few other rides.

We made our way back to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle which was now beautifully lit up…

disneyland-paris (51)

disneyland-paris (50)

There was a HUGE crowd of people already waiting for the show to start so we found a spot and got ready for it to begin.

disneyland-paris (73)

disneyland-paris (67)

disneyland-paris (68)

disneyland-paris (69)

It was absolutely amazing. From the fireworks, to the music to the projection of all your favourite characters onto the castle I was utterly blown away and I *might* have nearly cried at the epicness of it all.

They really captured everything that Disney stands for. It means so much to so many people including myself and it did not disappoint one bit.

(watch this video for just an idea of how magical it was)

We left the park on an absolute high and totally exhausted from our first day and I couldn’t wait to come back the next day and see more.

Thanks for reading,

Harry x

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