7 Ways to Get Your Life Back on Track

Oh here she is!

It’s been a little while since I bashed out a little list for your reading pleasure (or at least it had been when I started writing this post over a month ago!) so it’s probably about time I pulled out the proverbial finger and did one tbh.

This particular list is short and sweet (I’m talking numbers not words because, gurrrrl loves to ramble on) but it’s been so bloody necessary.

You might remember one post I wrote a while back about 15 Things that will make you feel like your life is falling apart and, I’ll be honest, my life has been heading that way for the last few of weeks.

I’ve been in a state of disarray. I’ve got piles of washing kicking about my room, my makeup brushes are well overdue a clean, my skin-care routine has been somewhat overlooked. I’ve been eating all the (delicious) bad beige food. My nights have been late and my mornings rushed and stressful. And it don’t feel good. Nuh-uh.

So I’ve devised a little plan of attack to get my life back on track. It’s basic stuff (soz if you thought this post was going to be all the secrets to landing your dream job, winning the lottery and eternal happiness, it’s not). It’s stuff that you already know but sometimes need to hear from someone else so it actually sinks in more and you think ewwwmaaagheeerd what a great idea.

So yeah…here are 7 ways to make you feel like your life is on kinda, sorta, just a little bit back on track…

1. Take-off your make-up as soon as you get in from work.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 15.03.55

I’ve gotta be honest, my skin-care routine leaves something to be desired at the best of times. I am not one who rigidly cleanses, tones and moisturises. In fact if we’re laying our cards on the table my ‘routine’ consists of trying to remember to rub a makeup wipe across my face once I’ve dragged myself off the sofa to bed and it doesn’t always happen. (Soz future 50year old self, I know it’s my fault you look 60).

But when I’m trying to get my life on track I make sure my skin-care routine is on point and I do that by making ‘taking my makeup off’ a thing. I make it a ‘must do’ on my never-ending ‘to do’ list rather than an after-thought at the end of the night.

So as soon as I get in from work or sometimes, if I’m painfully hungry (which is always), straight after dinner when I’m sat in front of the TV, I grab my Garnier Micella Water, my Simple Toner and my Body Shop Vitamin E oil along with a pile of cotton pads and go to town on my boat ensuring every scrap of make-up is gone.

And afterwards it totally makes me and my skin feel like fuuuck yeah. Nailing life right now.

2. Go to bed (reasonably) early

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 16.07.02

(^^^ not my bed FYI – the dreamy Queenie me and my boyfriend stayed in when we went to the Lake District)

I’m a total night owl. My bedtime is midnight which normally makes people gasp in horror when I tell them. It’s not always a choice but more of a realisation. Often I’m like oh shiiiiit it’s 12.01 and I’m still sprawled here on the sofa watching an episode of Towie. I’ve got work in 10hours time I need to go to bed immediately.

And then I’ll lug myself off to bed, forget to take off my makeup and sleep until my alarm goes off where I hit snooze two or three times.

When I’m in the ‘zone’ of getting life in order I try and make a conscious decision about bedtimes. Even, wait for it…going to bed an hour earlier than usual sometimes! I know, mental or what!

And when I make the decision rather than feeling like I *should* go to bed because fuck it’s actually the next day already!! I always sleep so much better and wake so much easier. *ahhh relaxed sigh*.

3. Get up early


Who knew that what time you go to bed dictates what time you get up? Not me apparently. I mean of course I know that if you go to bed early, you’ll wake up early but it didn’t really sink in until I actually tried it.

As I mentioned above, instead of going to bed at my usual midnight I went at 11pm and, who would have guessed it, I NATURALLY awoke nearly an hour earlier and was a tiny bit less moody and moany and what the eff is this effin’ daylight getting in my face and GAH GO AWAY WORLD. (I’m just a dream to be around in the morning!)

OK so I’m not saying I jumped out of bed and did cartwheels while singing ‘walking on sunshine‘ but I was actually awake early and functioning rather than diving back under the covers or sleepily bumping into stuff like a zombie.

And a knock-on effect of this meant I wasn’t rushing around in the morning. I could take my time. I could have breakfast, hell I watched 2 episodes of friends and LOLed along with Ross and the gang and that released all the happy endorphins which put me in a good mood and made my day hella great.

I left the house on time, looking half decent and I didn’t have to sprint to the tube which meant I didn’t arrive at working looking dishevelled and sweaty like usual.

So yeah, getting up early doesn’t suck as much as you’d think – try and give it a go…g’waaaaan!

4. Don’t crash out on the sofa as soon as you get in from work.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 16.08.05

When I’m being all ‘crap at life’ I tend to get in from work, make dinner and then crash on the sofa, with my phone in my hand and watch utter shite whilst switching between the same four apps on my phone until I freak out at 12.01am and throw myself into bed.

I barely move a muscle between dinner and bedtime and although it’s nice to chill and do nothing with my evening, it then becomes just one big lazy blur.

And I’ve started to notice that when I don’t sit down and slob out I feel so much better.

So take a little bit of time away from the sofa & tv (and your phone) and either sort your washing out or tidy your room a little or have a bath & lather yourself in expensive moisturiser (that was totes a tester from Liberty’s).

Or light some candles and grab a notebook (stay with me…) and make a list of something, anything…things to do, things you want to do, your thoughts from the day, good things that have happened, places you want to go, plans for the weekend…anything you want.

Writing them down will make you feel productive, even if you never do any of the things on the list. So even if you think the above sounds a bit lame trust me it’ll have you feeling awesome if you give it a go…and then you can sit down and slob out on the sofa and watch a girl wet herself on Geordie Shore. Deal?

5. Make future plans


I don’t mean a five year plan of how you’re going to save half your wages to actually buy a house or become CEO of the company you currently work for I mean just a couple fun, future plans.

Like, have a think about what you want to do at the weekend that isn’t the norm – are there any cool events on or places you want to go? Or book to go and see a comedy, theatre or music show in 3 months time, so when it rolls round it feels like it’s free because you bought the tickets so long ago!

Taking control of your life and making fun plans for the future means you’ve got something to look forward to and you also won’t then look back at the last couple of months and wonder what you did because you’ll have ensured you’ve planned something AWESOME. Even if it’s something as simple (and erm, free) as going to your local park when the leaves change colour so you can kick them about and take loads of beautiful Instagram worthy pics.

6. In Fact…Plan, plan & plan some more…

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 16.09.21

Really, this point ^^^ could have been the whole beginning, middle and end of this post because let’s face it planning is the main way to get your life back on track.

But ONE point does not a list maketh. So here it is at point no. 6 in between some other stuff I thought up from my super amazing and intelligent brain. TA DA!

Anyway – planning really is the key to getting and keeping your life on track but that also sounds boring AF and not at all like something most people (unless you’re super anal and organised) want to do. So start small and end big.

First plan some ‘me’ time. Pampering. A long hot soak with an intergalatic bath bomb from Lush (honestly they’re the bomb (soz not soz, pun most definitely intended)) and then maybe when the outside of your body is hella fresh, concentrate on what you put inside it.

None of this, oh whatevs I’ll just eat cheese & tom ravioli with tomato & cheese sauce and some cheese on top for the 25th time in a row because it takes 3mins to make and is less than a fiver and who wants a waistline anyway. No – none of this.

Instead get some fresh ingredients and nail some basic recipes. My favourite go to for easy cooking is Pinterest. If I have a carrot and some spring onions and half a lemon hanging about the kitchen I stick those three things in the Pinterest search bar and ta, da…hello easy to make Asian Stirfry recipe. It’s really that simple (and delicious).

And then, once you’ve got the ‘me time’ and ‘food bit’ sorted you can move onto planning other aspects of your life.

Although if I’m being honest, I don’t even really mean planning. I mean (oh god I do not want to type this next word) mindfulness. (FFS – prized douche over here).

Yeah really it’s just being mindful of what you’re doing. Rather than just carrying on unaware, careering through life without purpose. Once you give your actions purpose it’s much easier to feel in control of shiz, on track and just nailing life in general.

So yeah, be mindful of your actions. Make conscious choices and everything else will just fall into place.

(Off to grab a yoga mat, start meditating and cleanse my soul now with some lavender and pumpernickel and then become a fruitarian, thanks, okay, bye <<<< nob)

7. Water, Water Everywhere


(Can we just have a minutes silence for how LOL this ^^^ pic is plz)

I did say this list wasn’t exactly BRAND NEW INFORMATION. As, duh, we all know that drinking water is the absolute bestest for us…don’t we?

Well yeah, we do BUT sometimes we forget and only drink delicious chai tea lattes & Gin for a week (not together…that would be weird. Or would it?) and then wonder why our skin looks like the cracked desert plains.

So drink water. Gallons of it. Buy a big muddafuckin’ 2litre bottle of the stuff and carry it around with you so you have no excuse not to be drinking enough water.

If you’re feeling really adventurous get some lemon. Or mint. Or both and throw them into your water and be one of those annoying people who infuse things and then neck the lot of it as well as you do a jagerbomb on a Friday night.

It will make you less tired, it will brighten up your skin, it will help with your digestive system, it will stop you thinking your hungry (because most of the time your hunger pains are actually thirst pains) and it will do all the good stuff to you. Seriously. Just do it.

And that kids is how to go from drowning in life to winning gold in the 100m (100m is plenty far enough, c’mon we’re not Rebbeca Adlington).

As I said it’s totally stuff you already know but if you make conscious decisions to do these things you’ll be amazed at how quickly you feel like you’re back in control and nailing things.

You’re welcome guys.

Thanks for reading,

Harry x

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