Disneyland Paris Day One

Rewind to roughly 10 months ago and my boo & I were approx 35,000 miles up in the air and on route to Mauritius as part of our Christmas present to each other (read about that trip HERE). It also just happened to be my birthday on the same day and at exactly 12.01am as we flew through the night, my glorious feller handed me an envelope with my name on.

Inside the envelope was my birthday card. On the front of said card was a picture of Micky Mouse, his girl Minnie and Goofy, Donald, Daisy, & Pluto…the whole gang. And inside the card was the promise of a trip to Disneyland Paris for little old, 27-year old me.



Happy Bloody Birthday indeed.

YUP while all my mates were getting engaged, buying houses and having babies for their 27th’s, I was being taken to the most magical place on earth. A place my inner 7 year old would have died to go to and a place my outer 27 year old self was still dying to visit. Growing up, I am not.

Fast-forward to October of this year (I know right, patient or what?) and Prince Charming & I were on our way to Kings Cross St Pancras to board the Eurostar to Marne-la-Vallée (aka Disneyland Paris) for a three day break.

But first, we needed breakfast.

We arrived at St Pancras with plenty of time to kill so I dragged us over to the Fortnum & Mason cafe which I’d been wanting to go to because, oh hey look at us all fancy and living it up in F&M.

fortnum-and-mason-kings-cross (9)

It’s just so classically British and decadent. From the jams to the teas, the OTT cakes and treats and of course those much coveted Christmas hampers.

I’m a big fan of Fortnum & Mason – I mean these guys invented the scotch egg!!!

fortnum-and-mason-kings-cross (3)fortnum-and-mason-kings-cross (2)fortnum-and-mason-kings-crossfortnum-and-mason-kings-cross (4)

After a brief bit of browsing in-store we took a table for two in the cafe.

Rather predictably I ordered the Eggs Benedict and very unpredictably my boyfriend went for crumpets and marmalade – I swear my old East End geezer is getting more middle class by the day!

fortnum-and-mason-kings-cross (5)fortnum-and-mason-kings-cross (7)

Breakfast was delicious and if you’re travelling from King’s Cross St Pancras anytime soon I’d recommend arriving early and filling up at F&M.

All paid up we headed over to the Eurostar ‘check-in’ and got ready to board the train for our 2hour & 45minute journey to Disneyland Paris.

On the way we watched an episode of First Dates which I cannot get enough of, such an old romantic. And then The Gambler which is the worst movie I’ve seen in ages. Like, don’t even bother. It sucks.

We also ate loads of chocolate & sweets, admired the French countryside…which is hella beautiful…and I attempted to read a French magazine because ummm I did French A-level and of couuuuurse I can read French, hellllo!

Or at least I can pretend to, right?

We eventually arrived around 2pm in the afternoon and from Marne-la-Vallée station caught the shuttle bus (which runs every 20mins from the park to various hotels) to The Dream Castle Hotel, where we were staying.


The hotel was very nice and Castle themed (Dream CASTLE duhh) but it was pretty standard in terms of feel, nice but not WOW. There was, however, the cool addition of bunk-beds in our room though which only added to the feeling I had turned  7 instead of 27.

Once we’d fought over who was sleeping top and bottom bunk (just kidding we had a proper big double bed too – but I obvs won top bunk wooooo!) we caught the shuttle bus back to the park and my excitement levels really began to peak.

There are two parks at Disneyland Paris -the main Disneyland Park and then the Walt Disney Studio Park. With the latter closing at 6pm we decided to head there first.

disneyland-paris (1)disneyland-paris (23)

As soon as you walk in the magic takes hold. There’s just so much to take in, the attention to detail is incredible and you feel like you’re on set of one of the movies.

disneyland-paris (58)

disneyland-paris (3)

disneyland-paris (4)disneyland-paris (76)disneyland-paris (77)

disneyland-paris (6)disneyland-paris (65)disneyland-paris (8)disneyland-paris (9)disneyland-paris (10)

We walked around taking it all in…before heading onto our first ride…

The Rock ‘n’ Roller-Coaster.

disneyland-paris (2)

 I was actually a bit scared initially – I mean it’s been a while since I went on a proper roller-coaster but then I saw some of the kids going on were half my height and I decided to man up.

It was a lot of fun as we whizzed around in the pitch black, rock music blaring out, I don’t know what I’d been worrying about.

Next up we got in the queue for the Tower of Terror!!!

disneyland-paris (64)disneyland-paris (61)disneyland-paris (60)disneyland-paris (62)disneyland-paris (63)

As someone scared of heights I found this ride terrifying and screamed the whole way through!

The ‘elevator’ climbs to the top, the doors open and you can see over the whole park, if you manage to keep your eyes open.

disneyland-paris (57)

Which I did not.

After that we headed over to the safer, slightly less scary Toy Town…

disneyland-paris (11)disneyland-paris (78)disneyland-paris (12)disneyland-paris (13)disneyland-paris (15)disneyland-paris (17)

Where we went on Andy’s RC Racer…

disneyland-paris (14)

A little less scary than the Tower of Terror; I think a scream or two still escaped my mouth.

What can I say, I a big ‘ole wuss.

From Toy Town we made our way back to France…

disneyland-paris (18)disneyland-paris (19)

…With the intention of popping in to see Remy but the queue was well over 30mins and there were already just 15minutes til the Walt Disney Studios closed. So instead we made our way over to the main park which I think I’ll tell you about in my next post…

disneyland-paris (24)

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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