24 Amazing Feelings That All 20-Summit Girls Have Experienced

Being a gal is a big old rollercoaster of emotions, ain’t it? One minute you’re laughing your head off at cat videos on YouTube, the next you’re in tears because you bought the wrong bit of lamb from the supermarket for the second time in a row (true story).

There are, however, some guaranteed things in life that will no doubt make you feel amazing…and I thought I’d do a list of them…so here you go gals, enjoy!


Bit of a random pic, I know, but I like it and the look on my face is that excited, amazing feeling look so yeah, it kinda works. Or not. Whatever.

Here’s the list…

1.When you tighten your bra straps and suddenly your boobs feel back under control. Like, LADIES!! can you please stop trying to escape you little rebels, you.

2. And when you take that damn bra off at the end of the day, finally releasing those puppies. *huuuuuuge siiiiiighhhh*

3. Thinking you might have come on your period making a trip to the loo and realising you’re not. Yay my favourite pants aren’t ruined.

4. Even eyeliner. Nailed it.

5. Letting your hair down from an unbearably tight hairband. Oh hunny, that feels so good.

6. Fresh bed sheets. *swoon*

7. Going on a night out in flat shoes. Dancing, dancing, I wanna go dancing, dancing all night dancing.

8. Or kicking off those 6-inchers at the end of a night. GET OFF ME CAGES OF HELL!!!

9. Not buying that dress from Topshop…then thinking about it everyday for the next two weeks; going back to get it and there being only one left on the whole earth and it’s in your bootylicious size.

10. Telling a friend something really embarrassing only to have them tell you it happened to them before too. Yaaaas sister!

11. When you can legitimately wear tights again. S’long shaving.

12. Leaving that boys house, getting back to yours and finally being able to go for an anxiety free poo. “…but he might hear me?”

13. Warming your hands up in your bra – oh muma.

14. When you try on something ‘oversized’ and it’s actually oversized rather than just a nice fit.

15. Howling to old Mariah Carey songs with your girls. All the nostalgia and happiness and oh my christ none of us can sing but who the eff caaaares!

16. Seeing 18 year olds, on a Saturday night, wearing next to nothing, throwing up in the street and actually being thankful you’re not that age anymore.

17. The first sip of that much needed glass of wine / beer / G&T at the end of the most effin’ stressful and horrible week of yo life.

18. Having your bed to yourself and star fishing the fuck out of it.

19. A weekend with NO plans. (which roughly translates as zero make-up, unwashed hair, your snow leopard onesie, Netflix and all the beige food)

20. When you finally get that under the skin spot that’s been ruining your selfies all week. Laterz ya little fecker.

21. When you light all the scented candles and tea lights you own and get that warm, cosy, tingling feeling. Like I feel like *could* be in Love Actually or Harry Potter or The Holiday or summit right about now.

22. When you first see Sleeping Beauty’s castle at Disneyland Paris. (If you don’t know this amazing feeling then you need to book a trip immediately – happiness x10 and now the pic at the top ain’t so random.)

23. When you cook a meal, not from a recipe but from your own genius brain and it looks incredible, like something you stumbled across on pinterest, and it tastes even better. You’re basically Jamie with a vagina.

24. That feeling when you’re looking your fiercest, you’re walking along the street, the headphones are in and THAT song comes on and you give it a little strut and think uhhhh I AM THE QUEEN OF EVERYTHING – out of my way peasants.

Thanks for reading,

Harry x

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