Champagne & Fromage

I think this is my favourite post I’ve ever written, mainly because there’s a close up of baked Camembert but also because who doesn’t love Champagne and Fromage and saying those two things like you’re a chic French woman, all nonchalant and cool, with your own je ne said quoi?

 And this post is allowing me to do that. A lot.


Champagne & Fromage have two venues and I went to the one in Brixton Village last Saturday (I know Brixton doesn’t sound like an obvious spot for champagne and fromage but hello dahhhlings gentrification is alive and well). Obviously it was a ‘girls night’ of mass catch up proportions because; basic bitches + long overdue catch up can only involve either brunch with avocado toast or a cheese and wine night. I mean duhhhhh, look at us, so sophisticated and not predictable at allllll.

Still it was lovely! Like realllllly lovely. Whoever first thought of upping cheese and wine to cheese and champagne deserves a big pat on the back.

We had a table for five just outside the shop / restaurant but I guess you could say we were ‘inside’ as we were undercover in the winding alleyways of Brixton Village. It was a little chilly (I didn’t remove my coat and was so relieved I’d bought my big grey H&M blanket scarf with me) but C&F did have blankets outside and heaters above us so it was totes bearable, especially once we’d downed one (or three) champagne cocktails.



Speaking of which we kicked off the evening’s proceedings with a round of Elderflower champagne cocktails which were the absolute dreamboatin’ dream.

I then went and salivated over some of the cheeses on offer at the counter…



Before we collectively decided to dive head-first into a baked camembert with truffle & mushroom. I mean, honestly, how much did that last sentence make you drool? If there was ever a way to make melted cheese even more sexy and ‘GET IN MY MOUTH’ then it already is, adding truffle is definitely the way forward. Mushrooms ain’t a bad idea either.



We enjoyed this with lashings of bread as well as another wooden board with some cheesy, bread-y, sausage-y thing on it. Totally sublime.


I swear you can smell the deliciousness just from the picture. It truly was was a board of beauty.



We also opted for a charcuterie board (aka slab of meat) that came piled high with slices of salami and saucisson. Like any bunch on twenty-something ladies we were very impressed with the size of the portion (aaaaayyy *insert winky face here*)


Cocktails sunk we moved onto a couple of bottles of red…and then maybe another Camembert (of the garlic & herb variety) and then things got a little hazy and before we knew it our sophisticated evening had descended into drunken disorder and we were in a cab on the way to a club, swigging from a bottle of Morgan’s Spiced Rum…only to return home at 6am the next morning.

So much for keeping it classy! IMG_20151024_215159_resized

Aside from the wild ending we had a brilliant time at Champagne & Fromage and it’s one of the gimmicky restaurants I’m pretty impressed by (you know the ones that only have two things on the menu or one type of ingredient – I’m looking at you Bubbledogs, The Potato Project and Tramshed to name but a few).

The bill came to around £40 a head which isn’t exactly cheap but when you factor in two lots of champagne cocktails and two bottles of red along with a lorra bread, cheese and meat I don’t think it’s insane for a London restaurant. We definitely left feeling satisfied.

As such you can assume I’ll be back in the future for my next girls catch up – I mean there’s still the fig Camembert to try after all baaaaabez – but perhaps one bottle of red will do.

Thanks for reading,

Harry x

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