Budapest Day Three: New York Cafe & Exploring the City

Day three in Budapest was another stonkingly beautiful one.

(my comp keeps autocorrecting stonkingly to stunningly which annnnnnoyyying AF stonkingly is definitely a word, right?).

It was once again hot and sunny and we arose rested and relaxed thanks to spending the previous day slothing about at the Szechenyi Baths (read about that here).

Today there would be no such lying around. Instead we were up and at ’em ready to explore as much of the city as we could, starting with the ostentatious and impressive New York Cafe.





Just a casual little cafe eh!

The New York Cafe is a very classy affair but if you think a visit set you back a pretty penny you’re wrong.

If you’re not aware of it, rather than having the euro as their currency Budapest still use the Hungarian forint, meaning you tend to get a lot of bang for your English buck! Therefore having breakfast in a place as OTT as the New York Cafe is actually pretty reasonable. Despite the opulent, renaissance -style decor you can enjoy eggs of any kind for less than a fiver!

Which, after admiring the intricate ceiling designs and cooing over the beauty of the interior, is exactly what we did…



Scrambled eggs with cheese, tomato, bacon, mushrooms, onion, paprika (oh the Hungarian’s LOVE a bit of paprika!) and sausage for my mum and sister and poached eggs with cheese, tomato & bacon for me. Along with a side of French toast and some *to die for* vanilla iced coffees.

True breakfast and Instagram decadence.


All delivered in individual glass containers…which was a little strange.


But OH that iced coffee life…*insert all the heart eyed emojis here*


Being truthfully honest I was expecting thin slices of French toast to be dusted in berries and sugar rather than the humungous wedges that arrived but we weren’t disappointed with them, only ourselves for not being able to finish it all.


Let’s have another look at that Iced coffee, shall we?


The New York Cafe is open everyday from 9am-midnight so you can visit for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon and dinner if you so wish.

Appetites satisfied we had a quick nose around the Boscolo hotel in which the New York Cafe is located…


And it was pretty fancy itself!

Finally we tore ourselves away from life with the other half and headed out onto the streets of Budapest for a look around.




We crossed the river to the BUDA side of Budapest.




And found ourselves a waterfall of all things!



We thought about climbing the stairs to the Citadel and Gellart Hill but felt a *bit* intimidated by the number of stairs so instead carried on walking along the river front.

It was absolutely baking hot and the sky was a glorious blue. I don’t know why but I never would have associated Budapest with such amazing weather before visiting. And everyone I’ve spoken to since has the same impression – Eastern Europe = cold weather – but this couldn’t be further from the truth!

It’s really overlooked as a summer holiday spot but I guess that’s good for us now in the know, as we can visit without the issue of too many tourists. Brilliant.





We walked and walked and walked until eventually we found ourselves at the bottom of the Funicular railway.






We bought tickets and took a ride to the top where you can find Buda Castle and spectacular views of the PEST side of Budapest.




It was a prime tourist photo op spot!

Up on high we continued to explore…and take photos at every opportunity.






Before long we stumbled upon a cute terrace bar serving more of those deliciously cheap cocktails we’d become accustomed to…how could we resist!




I’ve since tried to find the name of this bar but no amount of googling has helped! I assume from the Menu in the above pic it’s Budapest Terrace or something like but I can’t find it anywhere online.

Either way it was a lovely spot to rest for a while. Awesome Aperol Spritzers, cool house tunes and comfy sofas in the sun. What more could you want.

Two cocktails down we were refreshed enough to carry on looking around and stumbled on a little market selling souvenirs and tourist trinkets.

Including lashings of Paprika – I told you the Hungarians were mad for it!

Little did I know Hungary produce Paprika! They’re known for their quality and often sweet version of the spice hence why you can find it everywhere and it’s used a lot in traditional Hungarian cooking.



There were plenty of other things on sale though, in case you’re not a fan of all things spicy…






I was particularly taken with this dress, shame it would only fit my hand eh?


All shopped out and feet aching once more we decided to take the bus.

When we purchased our Funicular railway tickets we also got tickets from The Big Bus Co. for one of their hop on, hop off tours of the city. So we headed back down the hill and hopped on at the next stop we saw.



Nothing screams tourist more than a hop on, hop off bus ticket but I actually think they’re a great and easy way to get around foreign cities. And I love that you get a bit of history and background to the sites your seeing.

I’m definitely the type of person that think if you’re visiting a new country or city you should take the time to learn about it and it’s history, y’know, get a bit cultured ‘n’ that.

So we rode the bus, learnt some of the haunting history of Budapest and listed to George Ezra on repeat (I actually used to like that song as well) until sun began to set.


Included with our bus tickets was a night cruise on the Danube so we hopped off the bus at a stop by the river and went in search of somewhere to grab a quick (sadly disappointing) dinner.

Before heading over to the boat. The cruise lasted 90mins which was far too long in my opinion although had we taken them up on the offer of unlimited beer and pizza for £18 (which in hindsight would have been better than the dinner we did eat) we may have thought otherwise!





The starring role on the river cruise was obviously the Parliament building which looked incredible all lit up at night. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Budapest sure is Buda-ful.

After the cruise we were sleepy and all explored out so made our way back to our beds. The next day would be our last in Budapest which I’ll fill you in on soon.

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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