Buda-ful Budapest – Day One: City Park, Heroes Square & Spoon the Boat

This year my sister turned 30. That’s right my partner in crime, my glitter sister from the same mister, the Dazzler to my Bobby and all round BFF forever and eternity turned the big three ohh.

 And aside from throwing herself on the floor and having a tantrum about becoming a old gal (as well as searching for a new filter to smooth out those completely non-existent crows feet – seriously Sis, you are complaining about nothing), she wanted to celebrate like an effin’ 21 year. So we booked a whirlwind trip to the white isle, I mean, OBVS.

5 girls, 4 days, 3 super clubs and a truck load of glitter – (not even joking – when we checked out of our apartment it was sparkling and not because we’d cleaned). There were also some bindis, hair chalk of all colours, a bit of feminism and basically all the L.O.Ls. It was the perfect bday part one. Hard partying and a plethora of hilarious catchphrases doth a good holiday make (not even sure why I’m using the word doth?!) It even had its own hashtag #SK30. (If it’s good enough for ole Becks, it’s good enough for my sister!)


^^^ ain’t we a sparkly bunch of beauties ;o)

But for me, part one wasn’t nearly enough. No, thirtieth birthdays need more than one part. They need two. Maybs even three.

So my mum and I set about organising a secret #SK30 part two.

At first we thought a simple spa day somewhere in the UK would suffice and then we were like, do you know what, our girl deserves something bigger!!! Something better!! Something more exotic!!!

So we upped the stakes to a simple spa day in the Hugarian city of Budapest.

Thermal baths, cheap cocktails and 30 degree heat in early September…what’s not to love?

(I better be winning award for Sister of the Year after this)

So we surprised her the night before we left (although I may have given something away by telling her to pack her passport and some summer clothes) and jetted off the day after August Bank holiday to spend 4 days larking about in Hungary.





^^^youngest looking 30 year old I think I’ve ever seen – am I right or amiriiiight?

We flew from Gatwick with Easyjet and landed in Buda at 5pm to brilliant, beautiful sunshine. The roasting 30+ degrees sunshine that makes you a tad uncomfortable and your legs stick to any chair you sit on. Yay for warm weather!

We took a cab from the airport and arrived at our apartment 45mins later where our airbnb host was waiting for us. The taxi was 7000huf which sounds like a ridiculous amount of money but it was actually only about 20 quid. Hungarian money in mental…it’s something like 400huf to the pound. Which can be hella confusing to get your head around but it also makes you feel *a bit* like a millionaire, so there’s that.

We dumped our bags in the 2 bed apartment that we’d rented (check it out here), freshened up and headed straight out to see some sites and sample some of Budapest’s fabulous food.

From our apartment we wandered through city Park and we’re blown away at how breath-takingly buda-ful it was. (geddit???)









Once through the park and past the Agricultural museum (we didn’t go in for a look because, soz not soz agricultural museum doesn’t sound like it would be a barrel of laughs – I could be totally wrong though) we found ourselves in Heroes Square which in the dusky sunlight looked absolutely incredible.

Our first impressions of Budapest were pretty amazing. I really didn’t know what to expect before arriving but was really pleasantly surprised.





The other side of Heroes Square we finally found the metro and decided to hop on and take it all the way down to the river-front. It’s pretty easy to work out how to get tickets (especially if you’re used to ticket machines in other big cities) and they were really cheap too. The metro is very old fashioned but it adds a sort of charm to it, if you’re planning on visiting Budapest it’s definitely an easy way to get around.

For our first evening in Budapest we decided to have dinner on one of the many boat restaurants that line the banks of Danube. I’d read about and been recommended Spoon the Boat as a place to go so it was an obvious choice when we saw the sign glowing in the distance.

We boarded the boat and managed to nab the last unreserved table of the evening! We ordered a bottle or prosecco, coz we woz on an ‘oliday n birthday tings vibe and happily admired Buda castle in the distance.




For starters we decided to share one goats cheese salad (that looked like ice cream and came with peaches, dreamy) and one mozzarella salad, not surprising for me as you know I love anything with cheese.



They were the perfect intro to dinner.



For mains I ordered the pork and when it arrived I was, errr, a little underwhelmed. It didn’t look like a hugely appetising dish but as I combined the kinda, pork sausage with the pea puree, the white veggie thing, a bit of beetroot and, get this, a blackberry I was taken aback by how good it tasted.


My sister enjoyed the swordfish and my mum had the salmon. Both loved the dishes and gave Spoon the Boat a huge thumbs up. We rounded off dinner with dessert and my sister’s passionfruit chocolate thing was the clear winner.


^^^ Mille Feuille that came with popping candy!


^^^ dreamy passionfruit chocolate dessert.

At the start of the meal we’d mentioned we were celebrating a 30th birthday and once they’d cleared our puddings a sparkler arrived in a lime. Yeah it was a bit weird but we appreciated the effort. The waiters sung happy birthday and then bought us out a glass of champagne that could’ve been cava, I’m not enough of a connoisseur to tell the difference. Bah.



Happy and full we headed home to get a good night’s sleep before our first full day in Budapest but more about that in my next post.

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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