The Heartbreak Hotel – Immersive Theatre

Some more photos that were lurking on my phone from way back in July, that I thought I’d finally share.

These are from a trip to The Jetty which is a short walk from London’s O2 arena. My sister and I were headed there for an immersive theatre experience as a much belated birthday gift (just FYI…I celebrated turning 27 in February).

Still there’s nothing I like more than dragging a birthday out along with alternative evening entertainment. Don’t get me wrong, binge watching series on Netflix is one of my fave evening past-times (Narcos being my current addiction, Pablo babez you were nothing short of bat shit crazy.) but sometimes it’s nice to get out of the house on a Thursday evening and do something a bit different.

And tickets to The Heartbreak Hotel sure turned out to be different.

heartbreak_hotel_the_jetty_london (2)

heartbreak_hotel_the_jetty_london (3)

On arrival at the Jetty, we ‘checked in’ at reception (and on faceyb obvs.) before heading to the bar to purchase a bottle of prosseco (this was a birthday celebration after all). We toyed with the idea of taking a seat in the waltzer cars that were kicking about before settling on a classic picnic bench and I killed time by ordering a burger from the BBQ menu.

The staff at the ‘hotel’ were some of the friendliest I’ve encountered, chatty, charming & funny – it was a great first impression!

heartbreak_hotel_the_jetty_london (5)


heartbreak_hotel_the_jetty_london (9)

heartbreak_hotel_the_jetty_london (14)

The clock finally struck 8pm and it was time to head into the lobby and take a walk through the rooms of the hotel. I’ve no pictures from inside because, duh, theatre etiquette! (No cameras allowed) but it was an interesting performance from a lot of very talented actors and actresses.

We wound our way around the building finding new story-lines and broken fourth walls at every turn. At times we watched the scene unfold in curious silence, at others we were invited to scream and shout by the actors themselves. We were, you see, now part of the A.C.H.E program which stands for ‘achieving creative heartfelt experiences‘.

I’m not sure we actually had any heartfelt experiences (other than that of raised temperatures because it was so freakin’ hot inside – sweaty, sweaty, sweaty) but there were some laughs (mainly at cocaine, S&M lover Arthur) and we came out all having had a good time.

heartbreak_hotel_the_jetty_london (6)

heartbreak_hotel_the_jetty_london (11)

heartbreak_hotel_the_jetty_london (12)


heartbreak_hotel_the_jetty_london (8)

heartbreak_hotel_the_jetty_london (17)

We stayed for a while longer after the performance, making the most of the un-busy bar, the table tennis, the plethora of random props dotted about the place and the surprisingly pretty view of Greenwich and the River Thames.

Even if you’re not going to see the show it’s a cool spot to spend an evening.

Sadly – as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, the Heartbreak Hotel has finished it’s run but keep an eye on Zebedee Productions, who I’m sure will be doing something else cool in the near future. Or head over to The Jetty website to see what else they have lined up!

This was my first immersive theatre experience and I’m definitely keen to have another one soon!

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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