A Sunday in East London – Brooksby Walk & Meat by the Mile

So thanks to my blogging hiatus I’ve got a backlog of random pics on my phone that I took in a sort of vague hope I’d blog about them at some point or another. And true to form here I am blogging those half-heartedly snapped pics even though they feel like a lifetime ago with their summer hues and sunshine shadows.

Way back in August my sister and I took a stroll around East London – something (if you’ve read this blog before) we do on a fairly regular occasion. We started off in Hackney Wick at The Wick Festival which is…sorry, I mean was a weekly pop up in the summer with cool, independent traders including Sex Gypsies who make the MOST phenomenal sequin capes. And I mean, who in their right mind doesn’t need a sequin cape in their lives? Eh, who I ask you?

The Wick Festival also had a couple of street food vendors, a cocktail bar and a whole range of vintage bits and bobs. Everything from 1930s purses to 80s high leg swimwear, antique furniture and old records. You can also find other alternative traders such as Duvet Days. Gypset Diaries, Dancing Leopard and more.

I picked up a gorgeous embellished kimono for Ibiza before we headed onto Chatsworth road where after erm, admiring (I’m not sure that’s the right word) a trio playing the cello, drum and glockenspiel (seriously this kinda shit only happens in East London) without any regard for each other we felt we’d earned a good sit down and a nice cold drink.

Brooksby Walk was the perfect spot to do just this.

We headed in and upstairs to the alfresco terrace, pulled up a couple chair and ordered some t0-die-for cocktails and a little bite to eat.






I can’t remember what the cocktails were – elderflower, prosecco something involving those dreamy ingredients – but they were bloody amazing. Nothing makes me happier than sitting in the sun with cocktail in hand and a cheese spread on the table in front.

 The cheeses were a range of goats & cow’s milk cheeses from France, Switzerland and erm, Shropshire and dolloped on bread with chutney and tomatoes drowning in delicious oils.

We whiled away more than a few hours in the sunshine and it took a fair bit of effort to drag ourselves away and continue our stroll through Homerton & Hackney. Especially when the smell from the BBQ downstairs wafted our way…gotta love the smell of a BBQ in summer!

We eventually managed to put left in front or right and continue our East London walk, heading this time in the direction of London Fields where we may have treated ourselves to an ice cream…



A big Mr Whippy with hundreds & thousands and strawberry syrup. Yuuuuum.

We spent the last hours of sunshine sitting on the grass begging the sun to redden our shoulders a little more before meeting up with my boyfriend to go for, yup – you guessed it, more food.

We nabbed an outside table at the back of Solce Cilician on Broadway Market (exactly HERE in case you’re wondering) and ordered a mile of meat to satisfy my fella’s carnivorous tendencies.



Are you impressed? We sure were and it didn’t take long for the whole lot to disappear as you can see in the snap above.

I absolutely LOVE Solce Cilician, having been there more than a couple of times during my time living in London. I find their dishes delicious (which is saying something as I was sure I didn’t like Turkish cuisine) and also good value for money. The meat platter we ordered was £12.50 per person and as you can see above that was for a heck load of food.

I also think the outside seating in the back is really holiday-esque, you really feel like you’ve escaped the UK to another time-zone which is such a pleasant feeling – holidaying in your own home-town.

If you’re in the area you should definitely check it out!

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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