STREET FEAST – Dalston Yard

So in my recent ‘fun things to do in London’ post I told y’all to go to Street Feast because it’s pretty much the most awesome way to spend a Friday or Saturday night in London this summer.


Heeding my own advice I went with friends one lovely sunny Saturday.

I was beyond excited to go because I fucking love my food and Street Feast is literally just that, a feast of food on the street.

We arrived early – which I’d definitely advise. Doors open at 5pm, we were there by 5.30pm and the place was already filling up. Told ya, it’s the place to be.

We pitched up at a spare table and dived straight into some grub.



The Smokestack was the first to lure us in. Right at the entrance as you walk in, it’s impossible to ignore the heavenly smells wafting over. We were powerless to resist and eagerly ordered the brisket bun.



Almost immediately afterwards we were peering over at the Rola Wala stand and handing over our cash for a little tikka summit summit. My boyfriend went for extra spice and holy heck was it extra spice.



Our pals in the meantime had begun their assault on B.O.B.s Lobster Rolls which were apparently nice (I didn’t try them personally) but unexpectedly cold.


Satisfied for the time being we decided to do a loop of the venue and scope out our next course for the evening.







The neon Le Bun sign drew us in like moths to a flame. Remember when I visited these guys at the Three Compasses last year?


They serve up American food with a french twist. We snapped up three sliders for a tenner…


and the truffle waffles totally stole the show. Oh my god do I love truffle.


By now is was buuuuzy and almost every table was taken. We scoured round for a place to rest our booties but it seemed there was nowhere for us to go.

Then I remember Street Vin from when I visited Hawker House. Basically they have tables reserved specifically for their customers – we found them hidden in a corner, promptly bought two bottles of Prosecco from them and set up camp in between some containers on one of their tables.


Now we had a base we could relax and send a couple of us out into the madness to bring back food for the gang. Pretty much the best (and only) way to do Street Feast.

Our friends offered to do the first run and I told them to hunt down Breddos Tacos and bring me back one of their tasty tacos.



Spicy short rib ^^^ it was a total winner. It tasted as good as it looked.

Next it was time for my boyfriend and I to go and bring home the bacon…or rather the chicken wings. We jumped in the queue for The Orange Buffalo and ordered up 7 original & 7 viper wings with a hefty dose of blue cheese dip on the side.



They were pretty much radioactive in colour and the viper set packed a pretty punch! Certainly not for those with a sensitive tongue!

And as they were piled in with the original wings it was a bit of a game of Russian Roulette with each bite.



But the boys enjoyed them!

By now the Prosecco had been well and truly sunk so we moved onto a more tropical tipple…




Pina Colada in a pineapple. Could this night get any better?

Yes, yes it could.


Honey I’m home!!!

The night just wouldn’t be complete without a patty from my favourite burger joint – Bleecker Street Burgers.

I didn’t actually get a picture of the classic cheeseburger I ate this time round (it was dark and I was a *bit* drunk by this point) so here’s a picture of a the Bleecker Street Burger I had from Hawker House…


A thing of beauty!

Finally we were ready to call it a night – well almost. We just needed something sweet to round off our evening so we paid a visit to the You Doughnut stall and got ourselves a portion of the salted caramel variety.



And they were so, freakin’ good. My boyfriend even reckoned they were the best thing he’d eaten all night! As for me it had to be the Bleecker Street Burger or that delicious Breddos Tacos. But really I loved it all – the food, the drinks, the set-up, the commitment to quality, the effort they’ve put into every aspect. It really is an awesome place and concept.

My only minor criticism of Street Feast are the bin fires dotted about the place. I appreciate England doesn’t really get the summer memo so often it’s pretty chilly of an evening so the fires are there to keep y’all warm but they make you stink! We honestly smelt like we’d been on a bonfire by the time we left!

As criticisms go – it’s not really a big one I guess and I really do love everything else about the place that I’d definitely brave the bonfire stink again. Just probably wouldn’t wear my fave jacket and blow dry my Barnet beforehand.

So that was our first evening of this year’s Street Feast – Dalston Yard and I can imagine we’ll be back there a fair few times until September when it finally shuts it’s doors – I mean there’s still so much food for us to try!


Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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