Cutter & Squidge and My Biskie Addiction

First it was the Cupcake, then the Cronut and now it’s all about Biskies.


Pffft, you don’t know what a Biskie is? Like, lol, ohmygod get with the times. Biskies are future. Biskies are the business. The sweet, sugary business.

Just look at the bad baes!!!


*heart-eyed emoji*

So what exactly is a Biskie?

(my computer keeps autocorrecting biskie to bisque and I literally have no time for this, I’m hungover, it’s raining, I’m at work and if it keeps fucking happening, you’re going out the window my little apple mac friend – are we clear.)

Yes so…a Biskie.

A fresh, unique handmade creation of biscuit/cookie/cake filled with special lightened buttercream and handmade jams.

I had my first biskie a couple of weeks ago when my boss bought them into the office as a lil celebration for some good news (yah, I work in an awesome office). He made the mistake of showing us the biskies before telling us the news which meant although we were listening we were all really concentrating on the sweet treats and mentally shotgunning them. Like, yeah ok, blah, blah, blah something happened – give us the Biskies.

Mainly the 24 carat gold billionaire Biskie.



Obvs I got my hands on it first – not afraid to arm wrestle and elbow my colleagues out the way. I’m feisty when needs be and it was of course absolute heaven in my mouth.

I was also instantly addicted. One Biskie was simply not enough. I needed more.

So off I trotted to the home of Biskie’s – Cutter & Squidge.


Cutter & Squidge are the inventors of the Biskie and they’ve opened a pop-up shop in Soho – exactly HERE just incase you’re wondering.


Simply excellent news for my Biskie addiction!


They’ll be there until at least the end of June but there’s potential for them to stay longer – which I definitely think they should…


…because hells no am I ready to go cold turkey yet.


They also need big fancy cakes that look like this…


So it’s great that Cutter & Squidge also specialise in big fancy cakes that look like that!


If for some mad reason you don’t live in London (haha, yeah right everyone lives in London!) and have no plans to visit in the next four weeks then you can get your fill of Biskies online.

Cutter & Squidge do Biskie boxes of eight which you can choose yourself or go all kinds of daring and get them to surprise you! Ahhh you nutter you!

My Biskie box would look something like this:

Chocolate, peanut & salted caramel

Pineapple, coconut and pineapple chili jam (<<< I can’t even?!)

Chocolate, chocolate & salted caramel

Black velvet

Chocolate, strawberry & vanilla ice-cream sundae

Salted caramel gold velvet (I’m sensing a salted caramel theme here.)

Strawberry & lemon meringue

Chocolate honeycomb rocky road.

And I’ll happily email you my address if you want to send me the above as some kind of thank-you for bringing Biskies into your life. Totes welcome.


You ready to join the Biskie crew? BISKIES 4 LYF!

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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