Cool Things to do in London – Part Deux

Soz guys. I haven’t done one of these post since, errrr, January and that post was the first of it’s kind.

So much for keeping you in the know eh?

I’m hoping you’ll forgive me though as I’ve got a right royal list of ripsnortingly (<<< what a word, right?!) fun things to do in London. Go on, have a read…

1. Bottomless Bellini Brunch

What’s not to love about the above sentence hey? I mean seriously who doesn’t love bottomless bellinis and brunch – it’s like the two were made for each other.

If you agree then you need to haul yourselves over to Clerkenwell and the beautiful Bourne & Hollingsworth building and make the most of this weekend offer.


You can lounge by the fire (although hopefully not because umm, it’s SUMMER ENGLAND – didn’t you read the memo?) or you can curl up in the conservatory or perhaps just prop up the bar.

And if Bellinis ain’t your thang (srsly, what’s wrong with you??) then perhaps you can go for the bottomless bloody mary’s instead.

offer available every Sat / Sun 10am-5pm.

2. Sabotage Comedy Night – In Aid of Nepal Earthquake

For all the good kind of LOLs then you should head to the Sabotage Comedy Night at the Backyard Bar & Kitchen. Good LOLs in the funny, ha-ha sense of the word good and good in the ohmywhatalovelypersonyouare sense of the word because they’ll be donating their takings to the Nepal Earthquake disaster.

Laughs + helping a good cause = good vibes all round.

Weds 27th May – buy tickets HERE

3. Street Feast

I think I’ve included Street Feast in every round-up of ‘cool things to do in London’ ever (errr slow down Harry, this is your 2nd attempt at this type of post). It’s also been included in EVERY SINGLE DAMN LONDON ROUNDUP BY EVERY ONLINE WEBSITE THERE IS.

But there’s bloody good reason for it because it’s a bloody good thing to go to.

If you’re into your food (and let’s be honest, what normal person isn’t?) then prepare to embark on an eating extravaganza! From burgers to ribs, lobster rolls and tikka wraps. Spicy chicken wings, pulled pork doused in goats cheese and slipped into a brioche bun.


 Just be warned that you will leave fatter, poorer but wildly satisfied, happy…and stinking like a bonfire (thanks to the barrel bins of FIIIIIRE <<< that sounds way more exciting then it’s meant too)

Top tips include: Arriving early – like 5pm. Buying booze from Street Vin so you can set up camp on one of their customer tables, going with a group so you can try as much food as possible and finally not trying to climb the big Street Feast sign at the entrance when you’ve had too much to drink, you will get thrown out!

every Friday & Saturday 5pm-midnight from now until 25/26th Sept.

4. Motion Picture Supper Club

Film, food, jazz & gin. Need I say more?

OK maybe yes I do…

This weekend the Motion Picture Supper club will be hosting a night with Tanqueray gin in a 1920s ballroom which sounds pretty fucking fabulous dahhhling.

In addition the disappearing dinning club will be serving up a three-course dinner of which one of the courses includes goats cheese so yeah, YUM. You’ll be serenaded by a live Jaaaaazzz band (<<< said like Mr. Big) and then get the chance to watch either American Beauty or Catch Me if You Can.

Tickets are £65 for the night but if you don’t fancy the sit down you can buy a   p a r t yyyy  ticket for a tenner and just go for drinks & dancing.

A bit more than your average night out!

22nd & 23rd May -buy tickets HERE

5. Go to Greenwich

So possibly the best idea on the list because technically it’s free! Hey – it’s your own fault if you go wild and spend hundreds in Greenwich Market.


I went to Greenwich for the first time a couple weekend’s ago and when I got there I couldn’t believe I’d not been before. It’s beautiful!

And there’s so much to see and do, you can check out Cutty Sark, take a stroll through Greenwich park and climb the hill for the most spectacular view of London. Or you can stand on the home of time, the Greenwich Meridian Line and then pop into the Planetarium to discover the universe.

On a sunny day it really is the most beautiful place – it doesn’t even feel like London. Well worth a long journey there & back.

open – umm all the time.

So there you have it! My second instalment or bad-ass tings to do in London – I hope you enjoyed it and if you go to any of the above feel free to let me know in the comment below, over on twitter or on my Facebook page.

Thanks for reading,

Harry x

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