Gallo Nero II – Italian Cave of Wonder

I’m writing this after an extremely depressing gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy free lunch.

The kind of lunch that makes you wonder what’s wrong with the world and your mental state – I mean, what am I doing inflicting that kind of restraint on myself? Have I really succumbed to all those annoying ‘nutritionist’ shouts to not eat anything that tastes remotely good. Well have I?

For now maybe but not forever. And especiallu becauase I’ve been to Stoke Newington and more specifically Gallo Nero, an Italian cave of wonder and delight.


My work colleague Marco first took me to Gallo Nero – you see it’s owned by his Italian famiglia!

I mean, tawwk about authentic!


So yes Marco took me on my first visit way back in February of this year.

We headed over early one Friday morning to pick up a bit of a birthday spread for the office (mine’s on the 23rd Feb, his is on the 25th Feb – and yes Pisces ruuuuule). We were thinking a little cheese & wine afternoon birthday party, as you do.

And, of course, like all real Italians (okay, well technically Marco is a real Italian but you know what I mean) we really went to town on the food…











Breads, olives, meats, cheeses, truffle meats, truffle cheeses, truffle on truffle on truffle – the whole shebaaaang!

And all the while Marco’s Dad, Mori Senior (pictured below), plied me with the strongest cappuccino evvveerrrs. (and I mean it was ‘holy-shit, bouncing off the walls’ strong – Starbucks, schmarbucks.)

Mama mia!


We left laden down with goodies and a hot sandwich for the road – possibly the best start to a birthday I’ve had in a while.


^^^^ not gluten, dairy or wheat free and PROUD.

More recently I headed back to Stokey & Gallo Nero and this time with my boyfriend in tow.

We had big weekend plans to eat as much as we freakin’ well could (pretty much what we do every weekend just FYI) and a trip to Gallo Nero II seemed like the best way to live this dream.

On arrival I made a bee-line for a couple jars of the good stuff…



I tried this on trip numero uno and was blown away by how good it was.

If you think you like pesto then you don’t even KNOW what pesto is until you’ve tasted this homemade number. That poor excuse for a pesto you bought from Tesco? Bin it and get yourself to Gallo Nero now.

For reals. It’s just so full of flavour you won’t know what’s hit you.

Naturally I also grabbed myself a bit of goats cheese because… hello, do you know me at all?

I ate the whole thing in one day, on it’s own, by myself and I’m not even sorry – not one little bit.


There were also some lemon-y, herby olives in our shopping basket…


…As well as some cold meats & a homemade lasagna which I didn’t get pictures of because we ate them all before I got a chance. My bad.

I can tell you though that the lasagne was deliciously creamy and all the yum. Oh and I also picked up these little pastry things which have Nutella in them and they were, ohmygod, all the yum x 10. If the Italians have done one thing right it’s Nutella. Like seriously guys, THANK YOU.

Finally for our big Italian dinner later that evening we purchased a jar of Gallo Nero arribbiata sauce…


Coz we all about the spice!

…We threw it together with our thoooper thpecial pasta…


…as well as some mushrooms, onions, chilis & peppers…

…And taaaa daaaaa!!!!!!


Stupefacente!!!!! Molto, molto!

 It was a great morning picking out a whole feast of food and a fun thing to do on the weekend.

Get yourself up to Stokey and get a spread as soon as you can!

There are actually two Gallo Nero shops to choose from, the one I went to can be found HERE and the original shop is just down the road HERE.

Prego guys, prego!

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

One thought on “Gallo Nero II – Italian Cave of Wonder

  1. Micheal mori says:

    Thank you very much for the fabulous feedback!!!!
    Come and see us again , and the next sandwich is in the house and the perfect Cappuccino.
    Regards Michele.

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