Delishoom Dishoom

I’ve been so chronically rubbish at writing this post it almost didn’t happen. It’s been typed and re-typed more times than I care to think about. But it’s finally here for you! The irony is it’s the place I’ve been most excited about. In real life I’ve been telling everyone to go and try it but here on the blog I’ve struggled putting a post together on it.

Maybe it’s my subconscious. Maybe this place is so good that I don’t want to share it. Maybe that’s why I’ve been three times now and failed miserably to write a post on it? I don’t want anyone else to go and make it more difficult to get a table. I want it allllllll for myself!

So Dishoom. What’s with all the gushing Harry?

dishoom-kings-cross (6)

Dishoom first opened it’s doors in Covent Garden back in 2011 (or so I think. I’ve done a rough bit of research on their site so please don’t hold me to that year. k?). Working in the area at the time I walked past it on many, many, many occassions but stoooopidly wrote it off as another chain restaurant. You can’t blame me, I mean it’s next door to Jamie’s Italian and down the road from the Spaghetti House. I just assumed it would be one of those places that serves something like Indian cuisine and then over-charges you for it.

But I admit I was wrong.

The second brand of Dishoom opened in Shoreditch in 2012 and then a third killer site opened in Kings Cross last year. I say killer because it’s huge. And the King’s Cross branch is shiny too. Spread over three floors it’s the best one in my opinion.

dishoom-kings-cross (7)

I first visited with a group of pals for ‘brunch’. We ordered…everything (almost) and ate it with ferocious happiness.

Dishoom Chicken Tikka, Masala Prawns, Biryani, Okra Fries

dishoom-kings-cross (4)

dishoom-kings-cross (5)

It was a feast fit for an Indian princess and it was at that point I fell in love with Dishoom.

The second time I went, I dragged my boyfriend along too. I KNEW he’d love it. I knew he’d probably say “yeah it’s good in here” which is as excited as he gets about anything that’s not sport related. I knew he’d love the picky-bits, the lots of little options. He’d love it all, I just knew it.

So off we trotted to the Shoreditch venue on a Friday night at 7pm. In hindsight I don’t know what I was thinking. It’s been well documented on my blog that my boyfriend hates queuing, especially for food. And with Dishoom adopting the London take on table reservations (they don’t allow them for tables under 6 – *sob*) we were told it would be at least, at least, an hour & a half wait for a table. Of course my feller promptly turned on his heels and headed off in search of another restaurant.

So we tried again a few months later. It was actually the 2nd day of 2015 and I suggested we try the Kings Cross location branch instead as it’s that much bigger than the Shoreditch one hence we might not have to wait for a table.

Alas it was erm, closed. Apparently the 2nd was a bank holiday this year and I (<<< me that is) *forgot* to check they would be open. Once again, he turned on his heels and headed off in search of another restaurant.

Third time lucky. (are any of you interested in this? Probably not.)

dishoom-kings-cross (3)

We went on a Sunday night with the hope that it wouldn’t be too busy – only we failed to take into account that Arsenal had played at home and Kings Cross is an ideal place for hundreds of supporters to go for some post-match munch. Yay for us!

This time though we were determined to wait it out. We headed down to the bar for drinks and 30 minutes later were at our table.

We went for a smorgasbord from the menu: the most delicious keema –  spiced minced lamb and peas with a toasted, buttered pau bun. Chili cheese toast which requires no extra explanation.

dishoom-kings-cross (2)

Full flavoured Chicken Ruby (curry), Spicy Lamb Chops, Chicken Tikka, Biryani and a hefty portion of Raita (that yoghurty, minty thing of loveliness).

dishoom-kings-cross (1)

It was amazing. We ate til we could hardly breathe. And then we ate some more.

As for my boyfriend, well he loved it, much like I knew he would. So much so he’s been back at almost every possible opportunity. Whenever we find ourselves in the Kings Cross area we end up at Dishoom. It’s like some deliciously spicy, magnetic force-field that pulls us in.

So I don’t whether you’ve clocked on yet but I’m a big fan of Dishoom – as such I URGE you to take a trip to one of their Bombay style cafes at your earliest convenience.

Thanks for reading,

Harry x

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