Loads of Beer at Mother Kellys – Bethnal Green

Early this year, not one but TWO of my bezzie mates upped and left London for life abroad. I know right, what bar stewards! How very dare they leave me and the greatest city in the world. HOW VERY DARE THEY.


One went off to Singapore with a man who chased her, yes, CHASED HER, around the world. (Now if that doesn’t scream ROMCOM 2015 I don’t know what does.)  The other, Joe, well he was offered a dream-job working in marketing for an adorable boutique hotel in Soooth Afriiiika. (The Glen Boutique in case you want to check it out #productplacement)

I was devo’d when they left but last week the latter returned from Cape Town for a flying visit. And by pure chance we ended up in Mother Kelly’s on Paradise Row which is about a five second walk from Bethnal Green tube station.

We were strolling back to mine for a sleepover when we decided a drink was in order and I remembered the little parade of bars & restaurants that had opened in the arches. Mother Kelly being one of them.

We headed inside and were instantly confused as to whether we were in shop or bar. Bloody hipster haunts. Like what the eff am I meant to do here? Help myself…wait to order…take a seat at a table?




Turns out Mother Kelly’s is both – a shop & a bar.


So we headed over to the fridges and pressed our noses up against glass, oggling the rows and rows of booze. If you’re into your cider, larger, beer, ale and stout then this place is for you.



They have T W E N T Y  T H R E E  beers on tap. TWENTYTHREE! And then there’s ^^^^^ the fridges as I mentioned. Shelf upon shelf of every brand you can imagine from every country you can imagine. Strong stuff, soft stuff, sweet stuff, smells like piss stuff. The lot.


I opted for a…wait for it….an Apple Cider.


My pal and I had decided to pick our drinks based on label alone. Essentially judging our drink by its cover. Mine looked young, fresh and tasty and was all of the above.

Joe went for the Wild Beer which was, erm, a little more punchy!



We sat outside on the picnic benches and I, of course, larked about with the glasses because, y’know – god I’m such a nutter. I’m mad me (<<<< categorically the most annoying thing people ever say).



But seriously the glasses were pretty cool…


It started to get chilly so on the arrival of my boyfriend (who chose a Dorset cider…thanks babe – always repping your girlfriend’s roots *fist bump*) we headed indoors and pulled up a stool at a free table which was a barrel (of course). We were getting peckish so ordered a round of bread and olives and the olives were the sharpest I’ve ever eaten (I mean, bleugh, really bleugh).

They also do sharing boards of cheese, meat & veg, I do love a good board. However we decided not to have more food here opting for pizzas from up the road instead.


Mother Kelly’s is a nice little establishment. If you’re into your beer and have a big chart at home on your wall that’s missing a few ticks the head down and get ticking. Of course it’s not cheap (it’s London, it’s Hipster) but it’s a cool hidden hangout.

And once you’ve downed all the beer and worked your way through the 23 different varieties on tap (which of COURSE is what you’ll all be rushing off to do after this post) then you can roll next door for cocktails & food at The Resident of Paradise Row or perhaps a wine tasting at Mission.


Thanks for reading,

Harry x

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