The Melt Room – Soho

It’s happened people. The dream is real. The Melt Room has finally flung it’s doors open in Soho. And it’s literally a hop, skip and a fart from my office!!!

This is both very, very, very good and very, very, very bad news for my colleagues and I.

The Melt Room Soho_1

We heard the rumours a few months back. New Yorker, Andrey Datsenko would be bringing his flavour of grilled cheese toasties to London and we. just. couldn’t. wait.

There were picture updates of the shop fit-out shared on our group whatsapp chat, screen-grabbed tweets from @meltroom and you couldn’t mention the word cheese in the office without someone whining about when it would open and, finally, last week it did.

Off we trotted on a lunchtime outting, joining the hefty queue of fellow soho-ites eager to chow down some melted magicalness.

The Melt Room_Soho_20150506_163828

We queued excitedly and the pain of the wait eased by some freebie crisps…just a lil something The Melt Room guys were handing out to keep their new queuing customers happy. Oh you guys!!

The Melt Room_Soho_20150506_163854

The Melt Room_Soho_20150506_163918

We edged into the small, uhhh, restaurant? And admired the ‘cheesy’ art-work decorating the shelves.

The Melt Room_Soho_20150506_164146

The Melt Room_Soho_20150506_164323

We were getting tired. Some of us weren’t sure we’d last the wait…


We studied the menu in depth. Would it be a pulled pork melt or a classic?

The Melt Room_Soho_20150506_164349

And then we were at the front of the queue! Pressure on and time to order!!

The Melt Room_Soho_20150506_164217

I went Classic. I mean, it was my first time ‘n’ all. You can’t rush into these things. Best to start at the top and work your way to the bottom.

I may have gone a bit rogue though. Pimping up my classic with an equally classic cheesy partner in crime, the tomato. It wasn’t on the menu but The Melt Room crew were only too happy to oblige.

The proof would be in the pudding.

The Melt Room_Soho_20150506_164422

The big reveal…

The Melt Room_Soho_20150506_164441

Yup. It’s a grilled cheese sandwich alright.

The Melt Room_Soho_20150506_164528

A gooey, melt in the middle, grilled cheese sandwich.


I’ll admit. I think I make a better one at home BUT it was still tasty and definitely somewhere I’ll be heading back, probably when I’m hungover because what says goodbye hangover like bread and cheese. Nuthin’ I tell ya. NUTHIN!!!

Thanks for reading,

Harry x

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