18 Thoughts Everyone Had Over the 4-Day Easter Weekend.

So I meant to post this before the Easter weekend but then life got in the way and, I’m not one to waste a post…so here it is, albeit 4 days late…

God love Great Britain and it’s love affair with bank holiday weekends. An extra day here and there that makes life just that little bit more bearable. And the best bank holiday being the Easter weekend (of course!) which gives you not one but two extra days to eat, drink & be merry!

Good Friday indeed.


Personally I’ll be heading up to Sunderland for a weekend of football, fun & frolics with my sister and pal Fiona. I can’t wait not least because a round of drinks up there gets you change from a tenner (seriously the last time we visited we paid £5.35 for three pints…if you’re a Londoner I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in. Three drinks. Just over a fiver.)and after my recent day trip to Cambridge I know the joy that escaping London can bring.

Anyway – enough of my rambling…here are 18 thoughts everyone has come the 4 day weekend.

1. F O U R  D A Y S  O F F!!!!! I can’t believe it…what am I going to do with myself! It’s going to be so magical. I’m going to have all the fun, drink all the alcohol and eat all the food. It’s going to rock.

2. EASTER EGGS. Chocolate for breakfast is a legitimate thing once again! I’m even going to put my creme egg in an egg cup on the breakfast table. Because ACTUAL LOLS.


3. Wait, should I bake something? Creme Egg Brownies? Adorable cornflake bird nest thingys with mini-eggs on the top? An Easter cake? *heads to pinterest for inspiration, chooses a recipe, result looks NOTHING like it’s meant to.*

4. Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night. Do you really think you can go out drinking four nights in a row? REALLY? Yeah good luck with that. I’ll see you on the sofa (fully clothed, asleep next to a sick bucket & covered in chili sauce) on Friday morning and we’ll have another chat about that then.

5. Guuuuuys, it’s Thursday – our last day in the office! Lets finish early and go to the pub for Easter drinks, because – FOUR DAYS OFF!!!


6. Waaaah I’m so hungover I think I might die. I can’t believe I’m meant to go out tonight & tomorrow and drink all day on Sunday. What sort of hell is this. I hate Easter.

7. Staying on the sofa all day eating chocolate and watching the new Disney films added to Sky Movies.

8. Baby lambs! Ducklings! Wittle wabbits – spring! Babies! Little cute babies. Everyone has a baby? I’m nearly 30 and I don’t…argghhhh should I have a baby?

9. FFS, why didn’t I book off next week – then I would have had TEN DAYS off for only 4 days worth of holiday that would have been so yum. I’m so thtooopid.

10. OH Someone at work actually did that! I’m so jealous. Ugh 4 stinky days off when they’re getting 10 – life is SO unfair.


11. Ha, Totally just remembered that Easter is actually meant to be about Jesus. LOLS. Not just chocolate and lie-ins.

12. Thanks Jesus. I’ll happily be religious if it equals days off work & lie ins.

13. *SOBBING* No-one bought me an Easter egg. Not even my mum. This is the worst Easter ever. *Goes to Tescos and buys all the reduced, left-over Easter crap*

14. Lindt Bunnies. Lindt Bunnies. Lindt Bunnies.

15. Creme Eggs. Creme Eggs. Creme Eggs. Creme Eggs.


16. Argh Sugar overload. Furry teeth. Never want to see another chocolate egg again.

17. Is it Summer now?

18. Oh hold up, not just yet. I’ve still gotta track down my elusive summer body.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Harry x

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