Y’all Need Some Thunder Vodka in Your Lives

You might remember me mentioning that when I first moved to London I worked in a wine bar in the City. It was honestly one of the funnest and funniest jobs I’ve ever had not least because of the fact my sister was one of the other barmaids. Week in, week out we would have an absolute BALL during our shifts often always at the expense (in both senses of the word) of some poor banker. (I’m sure your hearts bleed for them – naaat.)

And one of the best memories I have from working there is when we were selling Thunder Vodka by the bucket load in order to win a ski-trip to Megeve with the guys who own the brand.

To say we were keen to win is a small GIANT understatement. We up-sold the toffee flavoured vodka brand at every possible opportunity…like EVERY…

“would you like a shot of Thunder Vodka with your morning coffee Sir?”

“How about a Thunder Apple Cocktail?”

“There’s 16 shots in a bottle so if the 8 of you are planning on two rounds you may as well get the whole bottle now?”

“Am I having a shot with you? Who do you think this one if for? Duh.” –

And if that didn’t work we just stuck it on their bill anyway and hoped they didn’t notice…KIDDING! We were relentless and after one particularly good night and 16 bottles of the stuff we managed to secure our spots for 4 glorious days of skiing and general hilarity. It really was an amazing trip. Just check out a couple of the pics below…

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the picture top right…which has NO FILTER on it whatsoever. I’m mean, fuck, isn’t the world an amazing place sometimes?

So this trip was now something like, five years ago (what the actual…? Where does time go) and my sister and I still love skiing as well as Thunder Vodka. And our mum loves it too – Thunder Vodka that is…not skiing.

Yup, ole Suzy-Liz is cray cray for the stuff despite not being much of a heavy drinker. Every Christmas she has at least one or two bottles of Thunder Vodka stocked up in the freezer and I think she’s fully exhausted the miniature in a home-made cracker surprise. “OH this cracker is heavy – I wonder what could be in here Mum?”

So yeah, we’re all big fans. I think it’s because it’s just so easy to drink and the perfect aperitif post dinner (mix it with a bit ‘o’ Baileys and sweet babyJesus Christ!). A little sweetner and so easy on the throat. It’s great for a party and way, way, way, way, way, way, way, WAY more preferable to a shot of Sambucca or Tequila while being not quite as pathetic as ordering an Apple Sourz.

So what could be better than a long glug of the good stuff? Well I’ll tell ya…how about a shot of the good stuff in chocolate form…


shut. the. cat. flap.

 It’s true, the guys at Thunder Vodka HQ are now making Thunder Vodka Chocolate Truffles and even better, they sent me a box in the post.  Which made that day one of the single best days ever – getting anything in the post is nice but chocolates in the post trumps everything.

IMGP1018And who better to test them out with me then my sister of course?! I mean she’s the reason I was selling Thunder Vodka in the first place, she got me a job at the wine bar after all.

Those are her hands posing below…don’t you think she did a great job at hand modelling? We were cracking up at how much of a non-blogger, blogger I am. I just don’t know how everyone else manages to take such sleek, glossy pictures?

IMGP1020But anyway…onto the truffles themselves.

IMGP1022 IMGP1024

IMGP1028Tuffle anything is a winner in my book but truffle chocolates are surely the best kind of chocolate. They’re just so melt in the mouth YUM.

However I will admit to having reservations about the addition of liquor even if it was of the toffee flavoured vodka variety. I’m just not a huge fan of the alcoholic choccies, I’m normally all about a strawberry cream or an orange crunch so these had quite a lot to live up to…

IMGP1032But oh how moorish they were. We were really, really pleasantly surprised at how much we liked them. Chocolate good, truffle good, Thunder vodka gooooooooooood.

IMGP1035We went back for more. And more. And another. Another. Until errrrm, the whole box was gone.


IMGP1033You see, that’s the problem with anything Thunder, it’s almost like Pringles – like once you pop, you can’t stop. And I know this to be true because the bottle that came with my chocolates (and arrived on my first day at my new job)…is already gone too.



If you haven’t yet tried Thunder Vodka then I think it’s about time you did. If you’re not a shot sort or person then you can check out literally HUNDREDS of cocktail recipes on the Thunder Vodka website – HERE.

Either the bottle or the chocolates…or umm both (duh!) would also make great presents. I for one would love another load of Todka! If you need my address to send me another set then just holler atcha gurrrl.

Now get some Thunder in your lives.

(and drink responsibly blah, blah, blah)


Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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