Christopher’s, Barbecoa and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

A few weeks back my boyfriend, the old romantic, took me on a little date – part Christmas present part foodie dream we headed out early for brunch in Covent Garden and then joined hoards of parents and their kids at the Drury Lane Theatre to watch Charlie & the Chocolate Factory before grabbing a cab over to St Paul’s for dinner.

Originally we planned on going to Balthazar for a classic brasserie brunch. I’ve heard SO many good things about this place, I am DYING to try it out. Annoyingly though we didn’t end up going as we got there too late and it was an hour wait for a table.

Christophers-martini-bar-covent-garden (1)

So we needed a new plan. I quickly googled ‘brunch places Covent Garden’ and Christopher’s came up. I’d never even heard of it before but the menu had eggs benedict and pancakes on it so seemed good enough for us.

Christophers-martini-bar-covent-garden (8)

Christophers-martini-bar-covent-garden (2)

Christophers-martini-bar-covent-garden (4)

We were sat in the Dining room upstairs which is really elegant and well, a bit posh. White table cloths, sparkling glass-wear and a choice of breads – including tomato! First tick.

Christophers-martini-bar-covent-garden (3)

We pretty much already knew what we were having but had a quick browse of the menu just to make sure…while we sipped our breakfast bellinis of course. Second tick.

Christophers-martini-bar-covent-garden (6)

Eggs benedict with a side of grilled tomatoes for me.


Blurry pancakes with bacon and maple syrup for him!


Just look at that poacher with it’s lovely gooey centre. Third tick.

I think you’ll agree I enjoyed it…just look at that face.


We paid up (all £60 – not exactly cheap and to be honest for what we had I think there are better places – The Breakfast Club, Bistrotheque etc but it wasn’t a bad, last minute find) and headed into Covent Garden for a quick cocktail…I had an Espresso Martini to ensure I was wide awake for the show.


Soon it was time to head over to theatre for the matinee performance.


I really enjoyed the musical – more so than I thought I would. The production is AMAZING. And the performers are, as usual, really, really talented. I was worried I would find the kids a bit precocious but they were so good. Especially Charlie & Verruca Salt. And Willy Wonker was brilliant, very funny.

We were sat in the Upper Circle which we were anxious was a bit high in terms of view (I think one of our seats was actually a restricted view ticket) but it was absolutely fine. Granted we couldn’t exactly see the facial expressions but it didn’t make the show any less enjoyable.

What made it more enjoyable was of course the purchase of Wonka bar. It would have been rude not too.

After the show we took a quick stroll down to Waterloo bridge as my boyfriend proclaims it to be the best bridge in London and being a black cab driver I’d say he probably knows his stuff.

waterloo-bridge (1)

From Waterloo bridge you can see all the sights, from St Pauls to the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, The Shard, the City…everything!

waterloo-bridge (2)

And all lit up at night, it really was very pretty and dare I say, romantic. Naaaw.

After that we headed over to St Paul’s for our reservation at Barbecoa. We struggled to locate the entrance initially but eventually found it tucked away on the first floor of One New Change.

We were showed to our table which also had a pretty good view…


Barbecoa is one of Jamie Oliver’s restaurants and was on our restaurant list due to my boyfriend’s love affair with barbecue cooking and of course, meat. (Barbecoa use traditional fire-based methods for cooking meat).

We decided to tick it off the list after having a little taster of the short beef rib at Taste of London – Winter (check out that post HERE) back in November.

And it really didn’t disappoint.


Despite only having had breakfast a few hours ago we opted for starters. Fillet of Beef Carpaccio for me and Crispy Calamari for him.



The meat in my starter was smoked and it was quite a strong flavour, I enjoyed it but I’m not sure I’d order it again.

I’m also not a fan of calamari in general but I had a bite of a bit and it wasn’t half bad! The boyfriend enjoyed it too.


For mains my feller ordered something off the specials menu – I can’t remember what but I think it was beef – and he absolutely loved it. For him the meat was perfection and the dish had a shot at the top spot for his favourite dinner EVER. Now how’s that for an endorsement?


Looks pretty good riiiight?

For my main I went for the waygu beef burger and it was sublime. You know that first bite when your mouth just explodes with happiness. Yeah that. It was just delicious.

I mean, look at it…


On the side we had some chips and I got a bernaise sauce to dip them in which, if you’ve read my blog before you’ll know, is my favourite.

We also had some creamed spinach and something else (the dish on the left) but I really can’t remember what it was? Oooopps. I’m sure it was tasty though.


Too stuffed for desserts we got the bill which I think was around £90. Pretty standard for a good dinner in London. And a good – NAY – a great dinner it was.

We rolled out of the restaurant and made our way home for a cup of tea and bit of Wonka bar – the perfect ending to a pretty cracking date.

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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