The Secret Emporium

Another little selection of pictures found on my phone from when my sister and I visited the Secret Emporium pop up before Christmas.

I first came across the SE a couple of years ago during my first visit to Secret Garden Party festival (wanna see pics from my visit last year…click HERE). The Secret Emporium was a tent there and when I stumbled in, with cider in hand and glitter on my face it was like I’d found my church.

Inside was essentially a shopping destination for the coolest, edgiest, fun, sparkly, embellished, retro, handmade, avant-garde, one-off pieces of clothing and accessories I’d ever seen. It was basically a mecca for fancy festivals wares and I was blown away by the magical-ness of it all.

So when I heard they were opening up shop in Shoreditch for one weekend I had to go and of course my sister, and fellow glitter enthusiast, came with me.

the-secret-emporium (1)

As soon as we walked in, we were like moths to a flame…our eyes darting everywhere – making a beeline for anything sparkly.

“look at this…oh my god look at this!”

“So sparkly!!!”

“Isn’t this amazing”

“I want it ALLLLLLL”

Including this divine unicorn print bomber…


So freaking sass!!

We spent the next hour walking around the place, squealing with excitement at every turn.

the-secret-emporium (2)

^^^ Mary Katrantzou eat your heart out1

the-secret-emporium (3)

Everywhere we looked there was something more amazing. More show stopping…

the-secret-emporium (4)


the-secret-emporium (5)

And then we noticed this old guy hiding in amongst it all…and looking super festive to boot!

the-secret-emporium (6)

But our inner magpies soon took over and we were distracted by this unbelievable jacket…

the-secret-emporium (7)

Not to mention the colourful till in front of her.

And then I spotted THIS head piece…

the-secret-emporium (9)

The ideal accessory for this year’s Secret Garden Party trip!

I tried it on and was completely sold. Alas at £45 it seemed a bit of an indulgent purchase the week or two before Christmas so I put it back and added it instead to my birthday present list…(FYI my birthday is the 23rd February, that’s 22 days away)

What I did purchase though were some Love Specs.


Now they may just look like normal heart-shaped glasses but they’re not. Oh no.

When worn, these clever little bins turn any light into rainbow heart-shapes! How fricken awesome is that??

They’re amazing to wear when watching fireworks and they went down a storm over Christmas with all the fairy lights about.

AAAAAnd…they’re for a good cause!

All proceeds from the Lovespecs go to supporting local communities in Malawi, elevating them out of poverty and giving the children there the chance to do anything they dream of.

the-secret-emporium (8)

To find out more about about Lovespecs head over to their website – HERE.

If you’re not heading to any festivals this year (expect to see the SE tent at Secret Garden Party, Wilderness, Somersalt, Festival No. 6 again) then you can shop online and snap up some of the impressive pieces ready for the summer or the weekend or a casual Monday, whatever floats your boat. The selection is smaller online though so fingers crossed they do another pop-up event soon!

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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