Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

My name is Harriet and I am an instagram addict.

There I’ve said it.

2015-01-28 21.45.38

From the 841 pictures and counting that I have uploaded, to following over 600 accounts and throwing out casual likes by the minute I sure do make the most of this little picture app. And let’s be honest, where would we be now without our beloved Valencia filter, hey?

I could and do spend hours browsing through all manner of pictures. Clicking through hastags and onto another account and another and another until I’m like…where the feck am I and how did I get here? And who is the absolute babe (normally Aussi) who’s pictures I have very aggressively been double tapping for the last hour and a half.

So with that in mind I thought I’d share with you a couple accounts that I currently follow that you might like too. Some of them are totally jealousy inducing but just remember people tend to only share the best bits on social media, so don’t get depressed, get inspired!

1. Tuula Vintage – For Wunderlusting

This travelling goddess, also know as Jessica Stein has the instagram account of dreams. One week she’s sitting in the Ritz Carlton overlooking Hong Kong the next she’s on some handmade wooden raft in Jamaica and then she’s chilling in Istanbul before making bezzies with some stingray in Antigua.

Her account is full of some of the most awe-inspiring places from around the world and she makes me want to immediately quit my job and buy a ticket and never return.

Naturally Jessica is also a travel/fashion/lifestyle blogger too so if you can’t get enough of her on instagram then you can check her blog out HERE.

2. French Words – For Frenching it up.

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Poudlard | Hogwarts | /pud.laʁ/

A post shared by French Words (@frenchwords) on

It’s good to learn something new everyday and what better thing to learn than how to say Hogwarts in French or how about the French for Avocado – c’est Avocat! Or for the more free spirited among us, the French word for One Night Stand  – Aventure d’un soir.  And of course we’d all like to know the French word for Unicorn – Licorne. Or perhaps my personal favourite Grapefruit – c’est Pamplemousse!!

I’m also half hoping that if I pick up the language then peut-être, somewhere along the line, I might pick up some French style too. Because dayyyuuuum those dames know how to dress.

You can also follow French Words on Twitter (HERE) if you like other forms of social media too.

3. Crusoe the Dashchund – For unreal levels of cuteness.

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Ready for ice fishin'!

A post shared by Crusoe the Dachshund (@crusoe_dachshund) on

I follow Crusoe purely because he and his pal created THIS vine-video and it’s just about the greatest thing I think I’ve ever watched.

But his awesomeness doesn’t stop with this video. No, on his instagram account he wears a shark suit and goes swimming, he plays chess, shows you how to cook and he’s Batdog. He’s fucking BATDOG for crying out loud!!

If you don’t have a pet yourself (like me) then click follow and live vicariously through Crusoe and his adventures.

If you need more of him, he also has a website – HERE.

4. Hannah Beth Fincham – For Pure Sassiness

All hail Hannah the queen of customisation and sassy fairytale slogans. Her studded leather jackets are to die for but it’s the ‘Down where it’s wetter’ Sebastian slogan sweater that has my heart all a flutter. And did I mention she has a MERMAID COLLECTION too?

She shares my undying love of glitter and sequins and her colourful account is an ode to Disney Princesses, La Moss, Her label and all thing kitsch. I love it. Oh and so do Rita Ora and her pal Miss Delevingne.

You can check out more of her work HERE on her site.

5. Symmetry Breakfast – For the OCD in you.

This account is just so damn aesthetically pleasing. And on top of that the breakfasts look pretty epic too.

And what’s more if you really love the account you can actually join Symmetry Breakfast on Valentine’s Day for a pop up at Mr Buckleys where you can have your own symmetrical breakfast in the morning and then enjoy a cocktail making class in the evening. Did someone say #amazing

You can buy tickets HERE.

So there you have it, some super cool and awesome instagram accounts to follow. Of course if none of these cover it, you can follow ME HERE

Feel free to leave your accounts in the comments and I’ll come check you out too!

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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