Breakfast on Brick Lane

I found a few photos on my phone recently from back before Christmas, when my boyfriend and I popped down to Brick Lane to grab some food for breakfast (I say breakfast, it was probably nearer to 1pm by the time I’d sorted my life out and decided on something to wear all to a chorus of “it’s not a fashion show, just come the fuck on will you” from my boyfriend).

Anyway, I thought I’d share them because UMM FOOD PICS. YAY!

We were actually in the area for the Foodies Festival – Christmas but a quick 5 minute walk round the place confirmed that it wasn’t exactly blog worthy material, just a lot of stalls selling snazzy food products. It was pretty uninspiring and definitely not better than the Taste of London – Winter event that we’d been to only the week before (check out that post HERE – oh the memories of all those delicious dishes *salivating*).

So we left the foodie festival and instead went to find something to shove furiously into our starving mouths.

Outside in the car-park at Corbert Place we came across a number of street food stalls to choose from and it was the Greek Souvlaki that caught out eye…

brick-lane-food-stalls (5)

brick-lane-food-stalls (2)

I could literally have dived into both these bowls of tzatziki and tomatoes. They are without doubt up there on my list of favourite foods.

brick-lane-food-stalls (4)

We decided to get a lamb kebab to share…not because we’re in love Lady & the Tramp style but because we’re greedy and wanted to try more than one thing. So sharing this meant we wouldn’t be too full and then we could get a second dish from another stall.

Probably the single best thing about having a boyfriend (other than knowing you’ve got someone who won’t judge dump you when you let out a foghorn fart in your sleep) is being able to order two dishes and share both. Meaning you always get more bang for your buck and also never have to chose between steak and pasta again.

brick-lane-food-stalls (3)

brick-lane-food-stalls (6)

The wrap was dreamy. Grilled meat + Tzatziki + Onions + squeeze of Lemon + Tomato = heaven.

In fact it was so nice my boyfriend and I definitely lingered on our alternate bites, probably taking longer than needed and sneaking in a extra bite or two when the other one wasn’t looking.

After our Greek joy we went in search of a second ‘breakfast’ dish.

The waft of meat cooking on a big drum barbecue lured us over to a Jerk Chicken stall…

brick-lane-food-stalls (7)

But it was the mutton curry and rice that took our fancy. One big portion for two purrrrlease. *drooling*

brick-lane-food-stalls (8)

brick-lane-food-stalls (9)

Sadly it wasn’t as good as the souvlaki wrap…I think mutton can be a bit of an acquired taste. That’s not to say we didn’t finish the whole portion. I mean, it is still food.

Finally we we decided to round things off with a little dessert (ummm, dessert at breakfast? WHY THE EFF NOT.) We spotted a churros van and thought this would be the perfect finisher…

brick-lane-food-stalls (1)

Sadly they looked A LOT better than they tasted. They weren’t fluffy and soft like they’re meant to be but hollow and hard. And the chocolate dipping sauce was really watery. Chur-NOs

brick-lane-food-stalls (10)

After we took a stroll up Brick Lane and  then headed home where we probably ate again? But hey, isn’t that what weekends are for! Eating!

I love popping to markets and trying out different foods…it’s sometimes more fun than going to an actual restaurant. Especially when you can try lots of different things.

If you fancy going this weekend you can find the market HERE.

Have you tried any good street food recently?

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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