The Pillow Cinema

I’m a sucker for anything with a gimmick or a hook. Yup, anything a little kitsch. If there’s a slight twist on the usual count me in (champagne & hot-dogs, cereal cafes etc.) So naturally when my pal Joe asked me if I wanted to go to The Pillow Cinema I went all Louis Walsh about every young boyband on the X-Factor and said; a thouuuusaaaand percent yes.

Now we just had to choose which film to watch.


With all our faves already sold out we were limited to what we could go and see. It was a toss up between Frank (nah you’re alright ta), Inside Llewyn Davis (which judging a film by it’s cover looks boring as sin – I’m sure it’s not) and About Time (UMM RACHEL – FACE OF AN ANGEL, QUEEN OF THE TEARJERKER ROMCOM – MCADAMS!!! Abso-fricken-looootely).

So yeah, we picked About Time and Joe booked us in.

We went a couple weeks ago on the most horrendously wet night of the year (literally the rain was falling sideways and upwards). After getting off the bus at the top of Old Bethnal Green Road we spent the next 10minutes cursedly following Google maps and stepping in disgustingly big and surprisingly deep puddles before we finally found our sanctuary in what used to be the old Shoreditch underground station. (It’s just off Brick Lane if you’re wondering.)

Inside we shook ourselves dry and headed straight to the refreshments bar to get ourselves some treats. There was a little delio to be had so of course we snapped it up:

‘ The Pillow Package – £8’.

This got you an alcoholic beveraaaaage (Magners for me, Beavertown Ale – fucking brilliant name – for him), a mini hotdog and a portion of sweet or salty popcorn. We also plumped for up a treat bag of Malteasers…AND Minstrels. Coz YUM.


We then had to ‘hire’ a couple of pillows to take in with us as we hadn’t bought our own. I thought this was slightly ridiculous…you would expect a cinema called the PILLOW cinema to provide said pillows but apparently not. So if you can’t be arsed to cart around your own with you (ummm that’s everyone then?) then they’re £2 to hire.


We were pretty early to the event which was good as it meant we basically got first dibs on the beanbags when it was finally time to head into the actual screening room – WHICH – you’ll be pleased to know, was a helluva lot warmer than the waiting area. They had these massive big heat fans, pumping out hot air so it was nice and toasty for us. Snaps to that.

the-pillow-cinema (1)

We picked a beanie in the second row and set about manoeuvring the beans in it so we got exactly the right ratio to give us a good head height to watch the film and A+ comfort levels so no parts of our bodies were touching the floor. There really is quite an art to it. We snuggled down on our pillows, kicked off our shoes and spread out the blanket provided. Relaxing into pure, unadulterated comfort.


The film itself was really good and not totally what I was expecting, it’s less a love story between man a women more a story of family and other nice things. I would definitely recommend it, as the poster says, it’s a really feel good film and yes you will need a pack of kleenex unless your heart is broken and black and cold in which case carry on watching films like The Expendables – you heartless cows.

Towards the end of the film I had to pop out to use the loo – for a wee, not for anything to do with the film which is what that sentence made it sound like – and when I came back to my beanbag I honestly can’t tell you how absolutely cosy and nice the room looked. Snug as a bug in a rug was exactly how to describe it and to know the rain was lashing down outside only made it nicer and cosier and lovelier.

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The only minor issue was hearing the Overground train rattle past, above your head every now and then – which made me imagine it plunging through the ceiling like that scene in the most recent James Bond. Slightly unnerving but it definitely didn’t happen and am pretty sure they would have made sure this couldn’t happen before deciding to put a room full of people underneath it – anyway, it was slightly annoying but you do manage to tune it out.

If I were to go again I’d probably roll in wearing my onesie and have my slippers packed because that’s the real dream when watching a film right?

Oh and don’t forget to graffiti the blackboard wall with your favourite movie quotes on the way in…or out.

They’re running the Pillow Cinema until the 14th Feb and have loads of good films coming up including Gone Girl, Mean Girls, Toy Story 3, Inception, Fight Club and more. Tickets are a tenner (plus £1.21 booking fee) which is the same if not less than a stinky old Odeon.

These guys also run the Hot-tub Cinema Club too which sounds really fun but also very pruney. Have you been?

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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