Circus Bar & Restaurant – Covent Garden

It feels a bit odd to be posting about Christmas parties in January, it just feels so long ago. But I wanted to show you a couple of snaps from mine (and no not the embarrassing ones where you inappropriately end up warbling “I Touch Myself” on the karaoke with you boss or accidentally snog the uber dork from accounts) more specifically the snaps of the super swish restaurant and bar we went to.

Circus in Covent Garden.

circus-london-Restaurant-bar-covent-garden (5)

(I have to apologise in advance for some of the less than perfect photography, I was obviously only using my Samsung S4 to snap the images rather than my new Pentax KS1 as I knew I would be drinking and didn’t want to misplace it during the celebration!)

We started decidedly early – dressed in our fancy and festive get-up we arrived outside the venue just before midday. If there’s one thing my office work mates have, it’s stamina so the early start didn’t worry us if anything we saw it as more of a challenge to party on through the day & night.

We disappeared behind a nondescript door and were led into darkly lit reception. We checked our coats and were then shown to our table.

circus-london-Restaurant-bar-covent-garden (2)

circus-london-Restaurant-bar-covent-garden (1)

All laid out with christmas crackers we took our seats and began swapping secret santa gifts. I got an amazing black cat mug (Sunderland’s mascot is a black cat) from one of the guys at work and I’ve honestly used it nearly every day since. I didn’t even realise how much I needed a decent mug.

circus-london-Restaurant-bar-covent-garden (15)

I was pretty delighted with this!

Next to our reservation was a doubly wide table which we guessed must be for the entertainment to come. For those not in the know Circus is a cocktail bar and cabaret restaurant combined. So in addition to your usual food and drinks you’re also entertained throughout your booking.

circus-london-Restaurant-bar-covent-garden (3)

We were treated to a round of Prosecco on arrival and having pre ordered our dinner, soon after our shared starters were plonked in front of us.

circus-london-Restaurant-bar-covent-garden (9)

circus-london-Restaurant-bar-covent-garden (8)

circus-london-Restaurant-bar-covent-garden (10)

The food is pan-asian and we have a mix of ribs, gyoza and and delicious salad to start. Halfway through eating the lights went down and the music was cranked up. The first act of the afternoon took to the stage/table next to us.

circus-london-Restaurant-bar-covent-garden (11)

circus-london-Restaurant-bar-covent-garden (14)

We were treated to a high energy dance performance, complete with ballerina on pointe and a fire – breather. And we were all pretty wowed by it.

Roughly ten minutes later and the first performance had ended. We returned to our food all thoroughly impressed.

circus-london-Restaurant-bar-covent-garden (13)

Our mains arrived and I’d opted for the green chicken curry which was lovely and had a real kick to it in terms of spice.

Almost the entire rest of my party had opted for the steak which looked succulent and juicy.

circus-london-Restaurant-bar-covent-garden (16)

Soon it was time for yet another performance and the lights dimmed once more as a contortionist began her show. I’m always so amazed at how anyone can possibly be that bendy.

circus-london-Restaurant-bar-covent-garden (3)

circus-london-Restaurant-bar-covent-garden (20)

She really was a highlight of the performances.

Finally it was time for dessert and then sadly we had to move into the bar to allow for another group to take our table for their Christmas meal.

circus-london-Restaurant-bar-covent-garden (18)

But we still had time to re-enact the last supper. Creative photo-ops are our thing apparently.

circus-london-Restaurant-bar-covent-garden (23)

In the bar we finished our cocktails and made the most of the decor posing in front of the most amazing glitter ball style wall. I swear I will have one of these in my house on day.

The boys…

circus-london-Restaurant-bar-covent-garden (4)

The girls…

circus-london-Restaurant-bar-covent-garden (21)

The whole gang…

circus-london-Restaurant-bar-covent-garden (22)

From our spot by the bar we were still able to watch some of the acts on the stage and I was impressed to see they were different from the ones we’d watched while eating dinner. It’s great that they do such a variety of shows.

circus-london-Restaurant-bar-covent-garden (19)

circus-london-Restaurant-bar-covent-garden (17)

circus-london-Restaurant-bar-covent-garden (2)

We eventually conceded it was probably time to move the party on and partied on into the night at The Lab in Soho, a great cocktail bar if you’re ever in the area.

I’d thoroughly recommend Circus as a place to impress, be it for a birthday or a special date or a big group outing. The performers are really talented and it’s such a different evening from your usual restaurant meal. In my opinion it’s all rounder, good food, good drinks, great entertainment.

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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