35 New Cavendish – No Membership Required

I’ve never really been a fan of members bars. Mainly because I’m usually not a member so can’t get in. That aside, to me they always seem  to have an air of snobbishness about them and I always feel like I don’t fit in.

So when my pal Katie suggested we go to new members bar 35 New Cavendish a couple weeks back, I wasn’t overly enthused.

We were in a pub in Marylebone when she made the shout, pulling out her phone to give them a quick ring to see if we needed to make a reservation or whether we could just show up. They told us no reservation needed, just head on over and ask for Ermanno when you arrive, he’ll look after you.

10minutes later and we entered a heaving venue totally buzzing with customers and after a quick ask at the bar, the General Manager, Ermanno, appeared with a beaming smile. He asked us where we’d like to sit and as it was a fairly mild evening we were more than happy to have an alfresco table so long as it was right next to a roaring heater. Luckily he had just the table for us and we scooted outside to take our seats. Noticing on the way that there were also an abundance of big warm blankets to wrap ourselves in, should the heater not suffice.


We started with a round of Gin and Tonics (shocker!) and on delivery were told they were on the house. So far, so very good.


We needed to line our stomachs with a little food so ordered a couple of bits from the bar menu to share. Kate insisted on the Bitterballen which she fell in love with in Amsterdam, she also wanted the Lobster roll and I chose the mini burgers and a side of fries.


The food was lovely and definitely hit the spot. I even tried the Lobster roll but remain on the no-seafood-thanks side of the fence. The sliders were juicy and filling and I was surprised at how much this relatively modest selection of food satisfied our stomachs.



Inside, the bar was full of atmosphere and not long after we finished eating we decided to move indoors to a recently vacated table. The place was decked out with festive arrangements which made it look all the more inviting. We both agreed that the even the toilets were amazing. If there’s a lot of effort in the loo then you’ve got to be sure that effort will continue throughout the rest of the place. At 35 New Cavendish this is totally the case.



We progressed to a few Espresso Martini’s and before long Ermanno was back with a complimentary shot of Sambucca. Thanks but no thanks. Oh go on then. Urgh, we’ll regret this in the morning we thought. We had a further chat with Ermanno about how long they’d been open and what the deal was with membership only to be told that 35 New Cavendish isn’t a members bar at all!


Instead Ermanno and his team (who have all worked in top members bar such at Mortons) just want to create the feel of a members bar but in fact everyone is welcome at 35 New Cavendish! Music to my ears you could say!



He and his team have certainly succeeded in this so far. We could not have wanted for more, feeling utterly welcome and looked after. I honestly cannot wait to go back.

And go back I will upon discovering that upstairs there is a stunning sit down restaurant full of Mediterranean cuisine. I hope to review this soon, with the help of Katie of course, so come back and visit to see how chef Alfonso Lillo Fas delights me and my sidekick with his culinary cleverness.

If you fancy an evening at the hottest new members club in town then you can find them HERE.


Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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