Bourne & Hollingsworth Building

Last week I told you about a little lunch trip to Italian restaurant Paesan on Exmouth Market. You may also remember that originally I’d wanted to take my mum and sister to the Bourne & Hollingsworth Building instead, based on this picture…

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The greenhouse at B&h buildings

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Ahhh it’s all coming back to you now, I can see it. Yes, this little oasis of calm and cocktails was where I had my heart set on but sadly due to a mix up on opentable we weren’t able to lunch there. We were however able to pop back in after Paesan and test out their cocktail menu.


We begged for a spot in the unbelievably beautiful conservatory (as pictured below) and our wishes were met with helpful hand gestures, showing us to a table for three.



Armed with menus we set about testing out the cocktails. For the first round we all ordered the Hollingsworth Fizz – Apple and cucumber shaken with Gin, lemon, sugar and egg white, topped with fresh rosemary and Cider and were delighted to be told these ones were on the house because of the aforementioned OpenTable mix up. Winning.




Be warned this cocktail has quite a kick! In fact that was a bit of a running theme with all the ones we sampled. These are proper cocktails and not really for the faint-hearted. Amazing interior, strong cocktails AND on the house. my. kind. of. place.

Halfway through sipping our first round the heavens opened and torrential rain lashed down on the roof of the conservatory. Could this visit get any better? Whenever it rains I always say to my boyfriend how much I’d love a conservatory to sit in, he then reminds me most people buy them for the total opposite reason. I don’t know what it is but knowing you’re nice and dry and warm AND with a cocktail in hand while you hear the rain hammering down outside is so relaxing to me. Anyone else with me on this?

So happy as Harry hearing the rain amplified outside we decided to order more cocktails. For our second round we all chose different drinks, I had the Cider Rose…


…which I promptly swapped with my Mum’s cocktail of choice. I can’t remember what hers was called and can’t seem to locate a menu to work out what it was, BUT it was delicious and looked like this…


The rain continued to pour and we decided the best course of action was to order cocktails until it stopped. Some might think that’s a risky little plan seeing as this is England and it was also November which is the second rainiest month of the year. Still us Killen’s are life on the edge, fly by the seat of our pants kinda gals so we went with this plan and ordered another drink.

And this is where I struck monumental gold with the Applegrass cocktail. OH SWEET JAYYYYSUS. This cocktail was everything I could have wanted and more. Sweet, citrus delightfulness. Tangy lemon juice and vanilla liqueur and lashings of Vodka. HELLO. So I ordered another. Aaaaand another.

At some point a couple of cheese plates were added to our bill and they too were delicious. Sadly by this point it was to dark (damn you GMT!) for pictures so you’ll just have to imagine what cheese and a cocktail looks like – okay? Or we can have a look at another interior shot from the B&H instagram?

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Finally we admitted defeat as the rain continued to thunder down on the roof of the conservatory, we ordered a cab and headed home into the night.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I was still utterly raving about B&H Buildings, to anyone that would listen but mainly just my long suffering boyfriend. I think he took the hint as he booked a dinner date for us there two weeks later! Oh this guy! I knew I was going out with him for a reason.


We were once again sat in the conservatory but in stark contrast to the last time I was there, with my mum and sister, the place was heaving. Every table was taken and the place was positively buzzing with diners.

Nothing tickling our fancy in the starters section we dived straight in with mains and promised ourselves pudding later. I had the Sirlon with bernaise sauce and chip while my boyfriend had the lamb rack with potato gratin and brocoli.



I wasn’t bowled over by the steak, don’t get me wrong, it was really nice but I just think the standard for steak in London is so high it’s hard to be wowed by anything other than a slab from STK or Gaucho or Hawksmoor. The lamb was considerably better and urgh, that potato gratin…gets me every time. I love the stuff…almost as much as I love chips in bernaise sauce. I feel like I may have mentioned this about 10,000 times now on the blog? Well at least you all know. So if I ever come round for dinner we know what you’ll have on the menu. Right? RIGHT?

Having skipped starters we both had room for puddings – my boyfriend opting for the Chocolate Ganache on ginger Biscuit with Vanilla Ice Cream and me Lime & Verdi Bella Olive Cheesecake which came with ACTUAL olives on the side. I ate a couple but left most, soz. The chocolate ganache was insanely chocolatey but paired with the ice cream the perfect dessert. I’m lucky my guy is the sharing kind!



Sadly the photos don’t really do either justice with the ganache looking like, let’s face it, a turd. I assure you it wasn’t and the cheesecake well it just doesn’t look as good as it tasted. Is it Christmas yet? Where’s Santa with my super fancy blogger camera?!

Anyway Bourne & Hollingsworth is a WONDERFUL new place to go. As soon as you walk in there’s the feeling you want to spend all your time there. Either curled up on the sofa in front of the fire with a red wine or with your girls in the conservatory or a raucous birthday table enjoying dinner and drinks. Hell I’d even like to spend time in the bathroom with the huge bathtub/sink! Check it out below, I’ve stolen a pic from some Stellar Showroom’s instagram…

You can find B&H Building HERE or you can visit their original Fitzrovia bar HERE. But don’t tell everyone about it – okay?

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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