Holy Cheesemas – Byron Burger

Just a quick little post for those wishing to get in the festive spirit in slightly less traditional way than usual…Holy Cheesemas burger has launched at Byron (remember when I went there for National Burger Day? Read HERE) and well, the picture should do it more justice that my words ever could…



That’s two beef patties, FOUR different cheeses (mature Cheddar, American, Red Leicester and Monterey Jack), two rashers of dry cure bacon, shredded iceburg lettuce, sliced pickles and the starring role – Cheesemas sauce.

Quite what cheesemas sauce is I don’t really know or to be honest care. It has the word cheese in it and the added ‘mas’ means I can go and order one all in the name of being a festive sport.

Shall we have a look at it again? From a slighty different angle…


A lot of people get their backs up about Christmas coming too early (errr, hello! December 25th is still OVER a month away can we all just calm down on the jingle bell rock front – Oxford Street I’m looking at you) however I’m pretty sure anyone would happily throw caution to their inner Grinch mode when presented with one of these Holy Cheesemas delights.

With it being a festive special I can only assume it will be available until the end of the Christmas period so you have 38 days, 9 hours, 5 minutes and 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21…seconds to devour as many of these as you can until they disappear from the menu. (yes that is also how many days it is until Christmas. Shit.)


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