Le Bun Social – C’est Magnifique

Despite being one of the largest cities in the world I love how small town London can feel. I find that even though it has a population of 8.3 million (definitely just googled that) you tend to bump into people you know way more often than you’d expect.

And exactly that happened to me last Thursday when I headed to Dalston with Katie and Katie (yeah, I only hang out with people who have the same name) for the launch of Le Bun Social at the Three Compasses.

I met Katie and Katie outside Dalston Junction tube station but before that, as I waited for them to arrive, I was invited to Camden by a total stranger to party with him and his ‘super cool’ mate – errrm no thanks dude, call me over-cautious and a party pooper but I don’t really like going places on my own with a man I know nothing about who could almost definitely be a rapist/serial killer/stalker/person who doesn’t cats.

I know right, I’m such square! (Thought it quite poignant too that it happened on the day I watched THIS video). So yeah instead of dying in ditch at the hands of a stranger me and the two Katies stuck with original plan and continued to make our way to the Three Compasses pub for the launch of Le Bun Social.


Le Bun Social do French/American (or ‘Frerican’ as I’ve dubbed it) street food with a luxurious little twist. Of course! I mean what else would get me out of the house and to Dalston on a school night other than food glorious food! I can be so predictable sometimes. I also liked the idea of being able to randomly drop some French words in throughout the evening, a favourite little hobby of mine. Vraiment. Le bun, Mais Oui, J’adore…etc, etc.


So, we arrived at The Three Compasses and the place was heaving. We elbowed our way to the bar to place our orders and make the most of the half price discount on ALL FOOD AND DRINK – somebody stop me. I decided to order a pint of Aspell Cider (take the girl out of Dorset and all that) and the Le Royale with Cheese. Because ALL THE FROMAGE, forever and ever Amen. Katie and Katie both went for the Le Bourguignon Bun which is Le Bun Social’s signature dish.

Drinks in hand and the 4 of spades from a deck of cards (our ticket to collect for Les buns when they were ready) we set about finding a spot to stand in as of course all the tables were already occupied.


We found our spot hovering next to the press table and post a discussion about how amazing The White Company Candles, Egyptian Cotton Bedding and Bicester Village are as well as whether our card was actually the 4 of spades or clubs (really Katie no. 1?!) the first of Le Buns arrived in all it’s Ooh la la, yeehaa-ing glory.

Still sans table I found myself in a bit of a juggling act and set about balancing my pint on the table behind me and my bun on the corner of the booth in front. Using both hands to cup the oozing Le Bun I geared up to take my first bite of:

“Brioche bun sandwiching a glorious 8 hour short rib patty topped with hickory beef jus and delicious maure de touraine (goats cheese to you and I), a dollop of truffled dijonaise (I’m hoping this is truffle infused mayonaise with Dijon mustard as I’ve taken it to be?) and finally smoked tomatoes.”

Oh what a sensation de gout as Peter Kay would say…y’know if he were French. Clamping down on a mouthful of my Le Bun I looked up at the last second to see food blogger Wilkes McDermind with his camera lens pointed directly at my face. Merde.

Wilkes snapped away as I recoiled in horror and Le Bun was left to roll around in my open mouth – sexy! He laughed and quickly reassured me that it was a great shot, (yeah sure) and then he proceeded to take not one but at least three more pictures of me stuffing my face. Cheers mate. I’ve been nervously checking his blog everyday in case he’s actually decided to share the offending image. I continue to wait in fear.


But back to Le Bun…I thought it was insanely tasty although to a non cheese fan the maure de touraine, goats cheese would have been wildly overpowering. For me though each mouthful was a delight. I may have enjoyed it more had I been sat down and not worrying about dropping it all over myself/the floor (it’s a pretty messy affair) and as such I wolfed it down, wiping a dribble of hickory jus from my chin just as Wilkes snapped another money shot. I’m kidding, by then our beloved paparazzi pal of the evening had turned his attentions back to his own spread. Thank baise!

Once done with my own bun I snuck a taste Katie’s Bourguignon special…



Having finished our food and drinks we decided to grab another beverage at the bar and make our way outside for some fresh air and hopefully space! On the way London showed me those small town tendencies I was talking about as I serendipitously walked straight into Charlotte whom I met at Wilderness Festival (read about that HERE) earlier this year!

It turned out not to be as by chance as I’d first thought, Charlotte’s feller is actually one half of Le Bun Social. Yes Charlotte’s other half is Tim Talbot (who could totally double up as a Dickens character with an amazing name like that!) who alongside Le Chef Andy Taylor are the brains an brawn behind Le Bun Social. Knowing girlfriend Charlotte meant that we were able to have a quick chat with both Tim and Andy even if it was just to scream at them, OHMYGOD WE LOVED YOUR BUNS! And to see if we could get them onboard with the new business venture we’d thought up after downing a bit of the mysterious punch we found outside. Who says school night drinking is a bad idea?


Not long later we decided to say our goodbyes as it really was a bit too busy inside and out – a measure of how popular Le Bun Social already is! However we vowed to return sometime in the near future for more Le Bun Social action – Le Taco Tuesday anyone? And also because the Three Compasses is a really nice little boozer complete with Monday quiz night, table football championship and of course the addition of Le Bun Social. If you’re in Dalston you should absolutely pop in.

Happily full on food and fuzzy on that mysterious punch we headed off into the night, popping into Oslo on the way back to the train station for just one more drink and to further discuss our plans for world domination although Katie and I did get a bit sidetracked along the way where our shirts and some 90s nostalgia was concerned.


Who else used to rock this look back in the day?

If you’re keen to try Le Bun Social then they’ll be at the Three Compasses 4pm – 10pm  Mon-Fri, 12pm – 10pm Sat & Sun. Or you can catch them for brunch at The Old Bengal Bar 11am – 4pm every Sat & Sun with the option of  U N L I M I T E D  P R O S E C C O for a tenner. Say whuut!

You’d be a fool not to get in on the Le Bun Social action.



Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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