5 things that happened last weekend

I’ve been a bit slack on the ole blogging front however I’ve really started to get into Twitter – it’s only taken me 6 or so years but whatever I’m finally there. Come follow me (will never not sound weird) over here @Killofox so I don’t continue to feel like I’m talking out loud in a really crowded room and generally being ignored. So yeah I haven’t been firing out the usual 3-4 posts a week and this one was obviously meant to be published sometime after last weekend but I got lazy and sidetracked and wanted to watch 13 episodes of Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 instead so…here is my overdue post about a few things that happened LAST weekend.

1. I watched American Psycho.


After a lengthy discussion in the office the other week which involved A LOT of laughter at my expense over the fact I’ve basically not see any decent films (Top Gun, Ghostbusters, The Terminator, Alien, The Shawshank Redemption (Only seen half of it), Star Wars, Schindlers List, the good Indiana Jones (I’ve only seen Temple of Doom), Saving Private Ryan, Braveheart…the list goes on) I’ve decided to start ticking some off so after recently getting Sky+ installed my boyfriend and I settled down to watch American Psycho on Friday night. I love Christian Bale so I was always going to enjoy the film but have absolutely no idea what happened at the end – even after half an hour of googling “American Psycho what is up with the ending?”. But hey I’ve ticked it off the list, are there any must see movies you’d recommend to me?

2. I went all neutral with some beauty buys.

Since my revelation about Kylie Jenner’s amazing makeup I’ve been on the hunt for a nude lipstick, obvs. I planned on getting one from MAC but going to the MAC store meant going into central London on the weekend and that just seemed like too much effort/stress (plus I heard they’ve totally sold out of Velvet Teddy which is Kylie’s shade) and so settled for one from Rimmel, actually its Lasting Finish by La Moss in shade no. 3

And I love it. I’m not sure it’s anywhere near the same shade as Velvet Teddy but who cares, I’ve worn it almost errrday since I bought it. I also got me that brown eyeshadow I’ve been hankering after from L’Oreal (Lumiere shade 502) so I can do that shexy shmokey eye I’ve been dreaming of and I also bought a nudey judey nail varnish from Seventeen of all places! Despite it’s obvious teenage affiliation it makes me feel like a proper grown up when I wear it. None of this hot pink or neon malarkey it’s a shade that I feel women who have their lives together wear – you know, the ones who buy investment designer items and have regular manicures.

3. I realised that Beef Curry is the one!

My boyfriend fancies himself a bit of a Jamie Oliver in the kitchen which is absolutely fine by me. I mean between the two of us he is definitely the chef whereas I’m more sous chef, if by sous chef you mean the person who sits on the sofa whining about when dinner will be ready and takes pictures of the chef in action to upload to instagram just so people know how much I’ve snagged a good’un.


Yeah that’s me. Only kidding, I did help with some stirring which is basically the most important part of cooking dinner so you could say I actually made the curry and he just chose the ingredients, marinated the beef, chopped up all the ingredients, decided what went in at what time and then put it on a plate. I mean really, who’s sous chef now? Anyway I really wanted to share a bit more of the recipe with you but Chef can’t remember what spices he used so it’s pretty pointless me giving you any other steps as I’d say the spices are pretty vital to the flavour. Either way, beef curry is the one – In my experience most curry houses usually use chicken, lamb or other meats than beef for obvious reasons so it was a good change to my usual curry. And if you’re really keen to make a beef curry maybe try this one from actual Jamie Oliver – Malaysian Beef Curry.

4. I also realised pleather trouser + hot nightclub = so not the one.

A few months back I bought a pair of black pleather leggings from H&M, yup, that’s right – in the height of summer I thought a pair of toasty shouldbeleather leggings was what my wardrobe was missing, Not surprisingly they’ve sat in the back of my wardrobe since then…that was until I had a sartorial melt down last Saturday when deciding what to wear on a night out. I came across said leggings, wriggled into them and a plain black top, got two big thumbs up from my sister and thus decided that was my outfit for the evenings antics. The night itself was at The Laundry in East London where DJ Hot Since 82 (hot by name and hot by nature might I add!) would be spinning the wheels of steel (urgh how old do I sound). Anyway, I’d been in the club all of 10 minutes before it was apparent my outfit choice was a HUGELY EPIC MISTAKE (think Ross from F.R.I.E.N.D.S and the one with his cowboy pants – THEY’VE MADE A PASTE.). I was Hot Since OH MY GOD ALL THE PLEATHER. Sweaty. Sticky. Ewwww. I knew at this rate I wasn’t going to last 10 more minutes of dancing the night away in these fiery trousers of hell. Always one for thinking on my feet I grabbed my sister and headed to the loos. Once in the cubicle I peeled the smoking pants off my clammy legs and fashioned my sister’s jacket around my legs into that of a skirt.



FUCKING GENUIS. The only minor issue was my earlier slapdash shave meant my legs weren’t really ready to be out, out but then this didn’t really matter as we were in a really, really dark club and of course as a Feminist worrying about a few sprigs of absolutely natural body hair over having a gay old time isn’t super high on my agenda.

Harriet 1 Pleather Trousers 0.

5. And finally I learned nothing good ever happens at an after party.

Fast foward 6 hours from the trouser incident and the night was over. Or so we thought. Exiting the club several people thrust flyers in our hands suggesting the party was still going on elsewhere. We liked the thought of this and before long were in a cab with our new pals Ravi 1 and Ravi 2 heading further East in search of the next rave.


We arrived at what we thought was the destination for an early morning club night called Keep on Going only to find an extremely quiet, residential street. Hmmm. After asking the cabbie to first turn off the radio and then his engine so we could listen out for the beat of the bass we discovered a boarded up pub that seemed to be what we were looking for. Inside we found the party. 2 hours later and I was tired. And thirsty. And hungry. And worrying about work on Monday. By 8.30am I knew it was time to go home and crawl into bed and pray the hangover wouldn’t be too unbearable. The party was good, the after party? Not so much. You always think it’s cool to keep the party to going, to be the wildest one, the last girl standing but there comes a point when it’s not and you should just go home because honestly NOTHING good ever happens at an after party.

What have you lot been up to recently? Any pearls of wisdom you’ve learnt that you’d like to impart onto me?

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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