Why LCW is SO much better than LFW…



Sorry I know the title of this post probably doesn’t make a lot of sense but I had to abbreviate it otherwise it would have been ridiculously long, verging on stupid. So let me expand…

London Cocktail Week is SO much better than London Fashion Week and here are just 5 reasons why…


1. London Cocktail Week is a normal week. Like, starts on a Monday ends on a Sunday normal (obviously it’s not like a normal, normal week – it’s WAY more fun than that). Easy right? Makes perfect sense huh? Well rubbish old London Fashion Week starts on a Wednesday or is it Thursday…I actually don’t know. Either way IT’S CONFUSING. Us non-fashion folk are simple creatures and if something is a ‘week’ then it should start on a Monday and end on a Sunday. Duh.

LCW 1 LFW 0.




2. Everyone’s invited!! Probably the single best thing is you don’t have to be on some secret, super cool list to get in. No. Instead you just buy your wristbands in advance or during the week and roll up to any of the amazing bars that are participating and grab your cheap cocktails. Hello FROW.




3. You can wear what you like and not feel self conscience. At LFW you basically have to go really OTT or look like you’re not even trying. However for LCW you can literally roll out of work suited and booted (or in my case trampy and trainer-ed) and no-one will bat an eyelid. You can dress happily hipster and head to Shoreditch or super sleek in the city. You can go for media mogal in Soho or perfectly preppy over in West London. Basically there are so many bars to chose from you’re bound to find one you feel perfectly at home in and no-one is going to put you on the ‘worst dressed list’ because everyone is too bloody drunk to see what you’re wearing.





4. LCW is based solely around trying lots of amazing alcoholic drinks. Sure LFW may have a plethora of parties that involve amazing cocktails but first and foremost you’ve got to pretend you give a shit about who’s sent what down a runway on the back of a 16 year old who clearly hasn’t fully developed yet. At LCW there is NO SUCH BULLSHIT – it’s just, come in, here’s a cocktail…forget any boring fashion chit chat (that is unless you actually want to talk about it?).





5. Legitimate Tuesday night drinking. Okay so this one might be a draw for LCW vs LFW as both can entice you from an evening at home in your pyjamas with several episodes of OITNB. But for LCW in particular – there are so many bars offering amazing cheap cocktails that you need to get started early in the week and by early I obviously mean Monday or Tuesday. What’s more is it really helps make your week seem more fun and not as long if you go out on a Tuesday. Normally I schedule ‘having fun’ until at least Thursday…that way I only have to struggle through Friday before it’s the weekend. But if you go a bit wild on Tuesday (sure Wednesday will suck with your almighty ‘can’t handle it’ hangover) it makes you feel young and gets you out of your routine and before you know it the week has whizzed by! Or at least that’s what you should tell yourself.



Miss out on London Cocktail Week this year? Do not fear, there are loads of boozy events on the horizon that you can enjoy, such as…

Underground Drinking Club – 18th October

(Gutted I can’t go to ^^^^^^ this one!!!)

Young Professionals London – Cocktail Social – 25th October

The Wandsworth Beer Festival – 29th October-1st November

Or you could just wait until next year’s London Cocktail Week.

Or if none of those tickle your fancy you could just give me a call and I’ll take you out for a few drinks…and I’m loads of fun!


And just in-case you’re wondering we went to Soho Grind, Kettners and The Lab. My personal favourite was The Lab, they do unbelievable cocktails.

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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