Maltby Market – Ropewalk

I know you literally can’t swing a beard at the moment without hitting a street food market but I personally can’t get enough of them.

So a couple Sunday’s ago, after arriving an hour late (eeek) at the Tower of London to meet my friend (we had plans to see the poppies but decided to grab a drink first at The Dickens Inn and promptly forgot all about them) and he having filled me in on the most jealousy-inducing story about a competition he won with Courvoisier that saw him whisked off to Bordeaux and Paris for the weekend (all right for some!) we decided to walk over to Bermondsey and check out Maltby Market.


A ten to fifteen minute walk from London Bridge and we were soon at Rope Walk which plays host to Maltby Market every Saturday & Sunday (follow the railway track as it’s right under the arches).


We first took a look at the antiques on sale at Lassaco where we realised we were at ‘that age’ where we dream of owning huge cast iron bath tubs and old trunks from years gone by…









Although we left with nothing we vowed to come back after we’d eaten and drank ourselves into a coma.

There was so much to choose from that we decided to start with something of the liquid variety and this is where Little Bird Gin caught our eye.



Weirdly it was the only non-alcoholic cocktail on the menu that took our fancy so we decided to go for it but of course add a dash or two of gin. The waitress was only too willing to oblige our request and we headed into the arches to find a seat.

We found one in a little cramped corner that had me on HIGH ALERT for spiders. It’s not the most relaxing of settings but it sure is different.

Then the most amazing gin-tastic cocktails appeared, we downed them in no time because they were so good, not because I was scared of a spider dropping into mine, I promise!


Just heavenly.

Then we were ready to find some food.

As I said, there is so much to choose from…and it ALL looks delicious.! You can enjoy something from the Avocado cafe (which I SO nearly did)



Or you can steal a salt beef sandwich from Monty’s Deli

Or perhaps a grilled cheese sandwich from The Cheese Truck will steal your heart.

Or maybe something meaty from Potdog

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It really is SUCH a hard decision but after lots of umming and ahhing I went for a chicken, chorizo and cheese wrap from The Toucan which is a Brazilian street food stall…




So good, although personally there were just a touch too many onions for me but other than than it was sublime street food.


My pal on the other hand went for this pulled pork monstrosity…



YOWZA. I think it was from the African Volcano.

We guzzled them down the best we could without dripping anything down our front before heading off in search of something to satisfy our sweet tooths.


That something sweet ended up being a dark chocolate and caramel tart that was melt in the mouth delicious. *insert orgasmic groan here*




You’d think by now we’d be ready to roll on home but no…we had to squeeze in one more drink. We spotted Tozino when we were looking for the loo and so popped back in there for a glass of Cava and pint of Mahou and a few extremely tangy olives.


Before finally going back into Lassaco to pick up a candle or two. Hey big spenders!

Maltby Market is an awesome little find and I can’t wait to go back and try out some of the other mouth-watering things on offer – I’m looking at you Cheese Truck.

What’s the best food market you’ve been to in London? Are you a fan of the new street food craze that’s sweeping the nation?

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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