Stuff I REALLY want to buy

In case you didn’t already know, my office is located about a 30 second walk from Oxford Street which is also known as Europe’s busiest shopping street or the place you should avoid at all costs on Boxing Day. Seriously, THIS should be enough to put you off. Oxford Street is also known as the place I go during every lunch break and where I try on a gazillion items, Monday-Thursday, all so I can part with my hard earned cash come Friday.

It’s goes something like this…Monday, Topshop. Tuesday, Zara. Wednesday, &Other Stories, Thurdays Urban Outfitters. Friday, whichever shop I liked the most stuff in so I can actually buy it. However in the case of these shoes…

It was Monday, Topshop. Tuesday, Topshop. Wednesday, Topshop, Thursday, Topshop. Friday – it better be bloody Topshop…you’ve been in there FOUR TIMES this week to try them on, just buy them already!!!! And so I did.

But now they’ve been bought, there is a new lust list and I thought I’d share it with you…just on the off chance any of you were feeling particularly generous and wanted to surprise me. Maybe think of it as a ‘thank-you for writing such an awesome blog’ surprise? No? Okay…I’ll just wait until Friday.

1. This AMAZING sequin bag – Topshop – £25.99


I tried this on with a pretty dull all black outfit and it took me from office-drab to OHMYYOULOOKFUCKINGFAB in roughly 0.2 seconds. It’s also really shiny. Like a mermaid.

“You want thingamabobs…I got twenty…but who cares? No big deal…I WAAAANT MOOOOORE.”

2. These could-be-Stan-Smith all white trainers – Bershka -£24.99


I’m thinking of getting these to wear with some tailored pinstripe stripe trousers (that I also don’t yet own) sort of like Norwegian beauty Annette over on Nette Nestea did with her actual Stan Smiths. Talk about nailing a trend. She is werkin’ it.

3. An eye-shadow palette – Ebay £4.72

I literally have NO eyeshadows. None. Zilch. Zero.

Which means I’ll probably never be a beauty blogger…or will I?

Because, ever since I borrowed one of my pal’s brown shades (for a day out in Finsbury Park) I can’t stop thinking about how much I want some for myself, so I can do some sexy smokey eyes that will make everyone swoon when they look at me. I also want to buy lots of different sized make-up brushes (like these) because it feels like the right thing to do. Oh because, something called contouring.

5. Some black booties – Topshop – £78.00


Well, because…winter is coming.

But aren’t they suede?


Because…well, just BECAUSE.

6. A Fedora – Topshop £25.00


Although I’m sharing a picture of this one ^^^ from Topshop I’m actually coverting THIS ONE from ASOS. I mean who wouldn’t love an elephant trim on their hat?

7. A Babybel Recipe Book – River Island £8.99


I know this looks like a giant Babybel – and let’s be honest, that would be amazing enough on it’s own – but no, this is actually a cook book with the best Babybel dishes put there. Inspired. I will admit to eating (at least at some point) one babybel a day so this for me should be a must buy. A few choice recipes include mini burgers with babybel and cream cheese, bacon wrapped babybel with rocket & orange salad and baked potato, prosciutto and, you guessed it, BABYBEL!!!! Ba ba ba, ba Babybel!

What are you currently lusting over?

*BTW – I realise two of the items on the list are shoes despite me just having bought a pair. It’s a problem I have that I’m currently not seeking help for.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Harry x

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