Breakfast in Victoria Park

There’s nothing nicer than an early morning stroll through the park. Especially when Autumn has finally arrived and the leaves are starting fall from the trees…





So that’s exactly what my boyfriend and I did last Saturday in the search for some breakfast.

We made the short walk from our house to Victoria Park with the idea of devouring some delicious bacon, eggs and sausages at some point during our travels.

And we found these breakfast delights at a little place overlooking the  pond…



The Pavilion Cafe.

I’d read online that it’s breakfast was one of the best in town – something about a magic bean recipe – so we thought it would be the perfect start to our Saturday what with it being on our doorstep and all.

It’s a semi self-service system where you queue up in the dome to order your breakfast and then try and find a spot outside before your order arrives! While my feller joined the queue to place our orders, I grabbed us a seat on one of the many picnic tables but soon spied a couple of spots on the decking overlooking the pond. Well how could I resist!


This guy totally agreed that it was the best place to sit…


…far away from the screaming Tobias, Dickie and Henriettas that were occupying the table next to ours.


I hotfooted it over there and waved to my boyfriend to let him know I’d secured us some of the best seats in the house. He joined me shortly after and no sooner had I hopped up to grab some sugar for my latte had our big English breakfast arrived.




We devoured our food in satisfied silence. Agreeing that it was just what we needed.

The beans are probably as good as the reviews say but sadly not to my tasting…they’re herby and too bean-y in texture. I’m afraid to say I am a total Heinz-aholic and I doubt anything could sway me. So of course, the boyfriend ate mine too.

We both agreed this was a great little spot and couldn’t believe we hadn’t been before. We’ll definitely be back, although it may have to be sooner rather than later as we head into winter and sitting outside becomes less of a luxury.

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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