A Special Belated Birthday Date…

Despite my boyfriend’s birthday being in June, we finally celebrated it last week with dinner at the Hawksmoor and front row seats to the smash-hit musical, The Book of Mormon.



We’d never been to the Hawksmoor before but always had it pipped at THE steak place in London, it was also on my restaurant list just dying to be ticked off – especially since we’d not been able to go there for Sunday lunch the other week (instead we went to Foxlow). As we were eating early it seemed sensible to make the most of the pre-theatre menu which was two courses for£24 each. We decided to both have the Yorkshire puddings to start…I mean what a dish to have, everyone loves Yorkshire puddings!


Apologies for the pretty crap quality photos, it was really dark in the restaurant and I didn’t want to fanny about too much taking loads of pictures of food.

…as you can see a couple of HUGE yorkies arrived, I don’t know why but I was expecting mini ones, like the canapé kind. Anyway we began tucking in and I decided to go into full caveman mode and tear mine apart with my fingers, dowsing them in the potted beef and bacon which was a pate and then topping that with the chutney-esque thing in the gravy server provided. Halfway through the second Yorkshire is where I admitted defeat. It was all a bit too filling and I wanted to save space for my main as well as fit into the undoubtedly narrow theatre seats later! I also thought it was all a bit rich, very good but it was almost too much of a good thing. Aaaand I also sort of think Yorkshires need to be served with gravy rather than a pate type accompaniment – don’t you agree?


For mains it was two rounds of Rib-eyes, one medium/rare t’other medium/well done. For sides we each could order one within the pre-theatre dinner deal so had a sweet baked potato and also triple cooked chips. In addition we ordered some creamed spinach and broccoli and a sauce each (bernaise for me, peppercorn for him) these aren’t included in the pre-theatre menu.


The meat was nice – it didn’t blow me away or anything but it was a great piece of steak. The sides however were dreamy – I couldn’t get enough of the triple cooked chips, especially once I’d dipped them in the bernaise sauce. Saying that I also really enjoyed the sweet baked potato and am definitely going to be eating more of this at home! The spinach was delicious and even the broccoli was a huge hit. Overall it was a really nice meal however out of all the steak restaurants I’ve now been too (Goodmans, Gaucho, STK) I’d definitely head back to STK first – those mini waygu beef burgers have a firm hold over my heart.


With drinks on top our final bill came to £85.00 including service. Pretty pricey for just a week day dinner for two but as I mentioned this was a belated birthday treat so splashing out was the idea. All paid up, we walked the short distance from Air Street to the Prince of Wales theatre which is just on the corner of Leicester Square/ Piccadily Circus – you can hardly miss the big sign outside!



It looked like it would be a packed out evening as even us with pre-booked tickets had to join a queue. It moved quickly though and before we knew it we were inside and heading up to the Royal Circle to take our seats. I bought us the 4th most expensive seats and even these were £70 each (top tickets are around £150 a head!!!!) but we couldn’t have had a better view in my opinion. Front and centre we could see the entire stage and all of the action.



I honestly can’t recommend The Book of Mormon enough, so long as your humour leans towards the shocking and controversial. The show is amazingly written and the best thing I’ve seen in AGES. My boyfriend loved it too and he normally only comes to see musicals because he knows I love them. I don’t want to give anything away as it’s worth seeing it without any idea what to expect. I would urge you to book a ticket immediately if you can!

I think if you book tickets three/four weeks in advance and if you can go early in the week (Monday or Tuesday) you can get them cheaper – around £49 – and still have a great view. Luckily the theatre is quite small so I don’t imagine there are many bad seats but obviously you want to get the best for your buck!

Have you been to see any other shows recently? I’m keen to see Miss Saigon, anyone been? Or what’s your favourite steak restaurant in London?



Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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