Courgetti is the new Spaghetti

Right, so what happened was;

I started writing this post and then thanks to my incessant need to procrastinate, I stopped to read The Man Repeller…where I came across THIS POST that totally sums up the whole feeling I have towards this ‘trendy’ health phase everyone is having at the minute. Of course that meant I had to tell you all about it (and THUS prove procrastination is a good thing) as a way of explaining my absolute NEED to make courgetti last weekend.


 The general gist is that we couldn’t have given too hoots about our health a year or so ago (it was all live fast, die young, bad girls do it well) and now suddenly even the least hipster of us are all ‘soya this’ and ‘gluten free’ that. And I’m all like why? Why now?  I guess it’s kind of like the pool sliders trend (stay with me here); wholly uncool, oh but a year ago and then BAM everyone is wearing them and wearing them with tailored trousers?! And it’s the same for health. Once it was all heroine chic and then BAM we’re reading ‘Strong is the new Sexy’. I guess the only difference between this healthy trend and pool sliders is that, healthy looks good on everyone.

(read: boys should never wear sliders – no really, not even the Birkenstock kind)

So similar to Leandra at Man Repeller, the only reasons I can find for this new fascination with all things healthy is that I’ve either…

a) matured enough to want to take care of my body

b) got to an age where eating mountains of real spaghetti isn’t conducive to having a size 8 figure

c) totally jumped on the ‘healthy is cool’ bandwagon because I am a puppet in this world of trends


d) all of the above

…I’m not quite sure which of these is true but either way some or all of those reasons made me desperate to make courgetti which in turn made me purchase a Zoodle Chef from Amazon last week and then almost lose my shiz when it didn’t arrive the next day LIKE NEXT DAY DELIVERIES ARE SUPPOSED TO. Long story short it came on Friday precisely 6 minutes before the end of the delivery period and 5 minutes before I was about to leave the office for the weekend – at which point I would have HAD TO WAIT UNTIL MONDAY to make courgetti – and 2 minutes before I planned to rain down some pain on Amazon customer service in the form of a strongly worded email. So thanks Amazon, the suspense just killed me and no I won’t be renewing my ‘Prime’ membership when the trial period ends.

Anyway – Zoodle Chef in hand I was now able to make some Courgetti!!!

…DA FUQ you mean you don’t know what Courgetti is?


Courgetti be like, THE healthy dish of 2014. Y’know when it’s A/W and Vogue is all like, tartan baby, tartan. And then EVERY fashion blogger and celeb and Olivia Palmero worth their socks is wearing that Stella McCartney Tartan Intarsia jumper? Yeah, well Courgetti is THAT tartan jumper of this current health food trend. Forget green juices that taste like sewage. Forget quinoa which everyone pronounces KEENWA even though apparently it KINOWA (FFS). You can also forget that awful thing they call Kale and even forget cauliflower pizza. (although I’m also now DYING to make cauliflower pizza and rather handily – more procrastination – I just came across a recipe over on VIPXO that looks pretty bloody delicious.) FORGET THEM all because Courgetti is where it’s at.

Where was I?


Oh yeah, Zoodle Chef in hand I picked up two massive courgettes and on Saturday made courgetti with a tomato sauce for me and very tolerant boyfriend. He wasn’t as keen on the whole Courgetti idea as I was – he actually thought the dish was normal spaghetti plus courgettes and told me without hesitation that, that sounded shit. So when I explained to him that there wasn’t actually going to be any spaghetti in the dish at all, just courgettes cut up to look like spaghetti he looked at me like I was completely insane or like I’d just told him that from now I’d be painting my nails every day in case he proposed so that my hand would be photo ready for that all important facebook update which roughly translates as…


Luckily we’re four years into this relationship so a) he already knows I am completely insane, b) there’s no way I would go more than an hour with perfectly painted nails, c) proposing is not something he’d be inclined to to do in the near future and d) there’s a certain level of trust in our relationship now, so I know the one thing not to fuck up is his dinner.

I used my Zoodle Chef and set about peeling the courgettes. The Zoodle chef is essentially just a big pencil sharpener for veg. You put your courgette in one end, twist it round and round and round and round the serrated edged blade and before you know it you’ve got oodles of noodles courgette ribbons that look just like pasta. TA DA.


For the sauce, I stole THIS TOMATO RECIPE from J-for Jen because it looked pretty hard to fuck-up. It was chopped onions fried with garlic, peppers, a red chilli and fresh tomatoes. Once all this has been in the pan for a bit, you throw in some tinned tomatoes…and  add some salt, pepper, oregano and extra chilli flakes (if you like da spice) for seasoning.



Then you throw in you courgetti, mix it all up…


…slap it on a plate, sprkinkle with a bit of parmesan et Voila.

Now – the difficulty with it being courgette is that it’s doesn’t soften as much as normal pasta. Obviously the longer you cook it, the softer it gets. Better still you could probably blanch (whatever that means) the courgetti first to make it better but I have no patience for that.

My courgetti definitely still had a little crunch to it when served.


But I didn’t mind the crunch! Admittedly it’s not EXACTLY like spaghetti but it’s not far off, it’s filling and actually a great substitute. I’d liken it to ratatouille with the tomato sauce. A word of warning though: courgettes contain a lot of water (did not know this before?) and therefore will leak out into the meal if you don’t squeeze out the moisture beforehand. To do this you need to sprinkle salt on the courgettes once they’re peeled and leave them to sit out for a bit. The salt helps take away some of the moisture, then you can rinse the courgettes and add them to your dish. Of course I did not do this and therefore our meal kept getting more and more watery.

Despite the water issue, I will 100% be making courgetti again and it even got a thumbs up from my boyfriend. I’d been keen to try it out with other pasta style sauces to see how it fairs but this recipe is apparently only 190 calories. Shut.the.front.door. I’m serious. That’s less calories than all THESE THINGS. So yeah I’m pretty much in love with courgetti and am going to be eating a lot more of it.

Have any of you made courgetti before? What about cauliflower pizza? Do you feel like you’ve been lead into this healthy phase/craze/mad-fad/world of eating?

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Harry x

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