Sunday Dinner at Foxlow

Hot on the heels of my visit to Pizza Pilgrims and still on a ‘crossing-off-my-restaurant-list’ rampage (check out the restaurant list HERE) there were only really two places I wanted to go when my boyfriend and I decided to go out for a roast dinner last Sunday. We almost went to the Hawksmoor before my sister Sam and another pal, also called Sam decided to join us and then sadly we weren’t able to get a table until 4pm…which was WAY too late for us, as it would have meant missing ALL of the Chelsea vs Man City game rather than just half of it. I know right! I mean oh, the horror, how could we possibly miss watching one of the biggest matches of this season, on TV! Especially when NONE of us support either teams…and they’ll be playing again in a few months. No – this simply wouldn’t happen, not on my watch.

(I do hope sarcasm translates on t’interweb)



So our only real option was Foxlow – a restaurant that’s, rather amazingly, also owned by the same people who gave us Hawksmoor. Winner. They could squeeze four of us in at 3.30pm which meant we’d be able to watch the WHOLE of the second half of the football, PHEEE – YOOOU. Well just so long as no-one wanted dessert. Double winner. So we made a booking on toptable (which is actually now open table – confusing!) and got all excited about a big delicious roast dinner.


Foxlow was the place to go back in 2013 – it was like the Chiltern Firehouse is now…okay…maybe not THAT popular and with a lot less a-list guests BUT it certainly enjoyed a lot of hype and getting a table there on any Thurs-Sat evening, for about 3 months, was nigh on impossible. But the hype has since died down and moved on meaning that it’s much easier to get in and sample some of the meaty delights on offer.


Of course being part of the Hawksmoor fam-a-lam means that meaty delights is what they specialise in. So if you’re in the market for a proper Sunday Dinner which of course we were, then you really can’t go wrong. They only serve two roast options (but you can also order from the normal menu too) from 12pm-4pm. The options are Porchetta (little baby piglet, sob!) and hunking beef rump (YUM). They come with all the trimmings – although they don’t detail what this might be on the menu – but it means, goose or duck (I can’t remember which) fat potatoes, a boiled onion with meat stuffed inside it, a HUGE yorkshire pudding, green beans and a bit of cauliflower that has had something done to it to make it taste a bit curry-ish, in a good way.


We ordered three beef and one porchetta all washed down with two Foxlow Ice Teas (yummy), a watermelon lemonade (not so much) and whatever my mate Sam had…possibly another watermelon lemonade? Anyway – as soon as the food arrived we all (read: me) finally shut the fuck up and stuffed our faces. The meat, as you can imagine, was utterly sublime. I’m literally salivating at the thought of it while I type. The potatoes were crispy and soft all at the same time and the boiled onion was a lovely sweet addition but the piste de resistance was the sausage gravy for the beef and the sausage and cider gravy for the porchetta. WOW.


Ohh d d d d d deear doesn’t that piglet look DELICIOUS!

(soorrrrry inappropriate joke)


We all agreed that the food was pretty damn good and a £19.50 not insanely pricey – of course it’s more than your Toby Carvery but then you don’t have to sit next to the entire cast of My big fat gypsy wedding as you enjoy it. That last sentence is NO reflection on the clientele at Toby Carvery. Who you do sit next to is a bit of a mixed bag – Clerkenwell, especially on the weekend, is a bit of a funny area of London. It’s quiet but quite trendy all the same.


The staff were friendly and the meal was very relaxing. Foxlow angle themselves as a ‘neightbourhood’ restaurant which I guess means a kind of ‘local’ place to eat. I wouldn’t say it’s an every evening kind of place though as for one it’s not overly cheap and two I think you’d get bored of eating meat every night but it’s maybe not as ‘special occasion’ as it’s Hawksmoor predecessor. The restaurant itself feels pretty informal and is a posh cafe feel rather than a haughty hangout.


After dinner we rolled ourselves outside and decided to catch the second half of the match at Far Rockaway which is a mental American style sports bar that has loads of crazy posters and drawings and street art and mexican skulls all over the walls. I haven’t been here since before it was The Elbow Rooms (remember that pool bar?) and was amazed at how large it was. I was also thoroughly impressed when one of the guys working there offered to pull down an extra projecter screen for us, right in front of the comfiest sofas ever.



girl-sitting-on-the -sofa

We grabbed a couple of ciders at the bar – my sister opting for the Toffee Apple Brothers as her sort of dessert option – and sprawled ourselves out in front of the massive screen where we watched Chelsea draw with Man City (thanks to super Frank!). Far Rockaway also serve food and I spied a couple of tasty looking pizzas at nearby tables. After the match we said our goodbyes to Sam & Sam and my boyfriend and I went to the cinema for the second time in two days (rockandfuckingroll) we saw The Most Wanted Man which I thought was pretty long and boring and it ends totally how you think it will. But I did have a tub of Ben & Jerry’s chocolate ice cream…which I enjoyed after dropping half my boyfriends popcorn all over the floor when he gave it to me to hold while he went to the loo. Oops my bad or rather ‘classic Harry’ as my boyfriend would tell you.

So that was my Sunday – how was yours? Have you crossed off any from the restaurant list yet? Or seen any decent films?

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Harry x

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