Pizza Pilgrims & a Drinki

After giving you lucky lot access to my restaurant list last week – didn’t see the post? click HERE – I was keen to cross a few more off myself. Luckily I’d arranged to meet my pal, Ellena for dinner on Thursday and being an easy going kind of gal she didn’t mind me suggesting a trip to one of my ‘Easy Eats’ for dinner. So we went to Pizza Pilgrims and their newest gaff at Kingley Court, Carnaby Street.


 Brothers James and Thom Elliot are the brains behind Pizza Pilgrims and the concept came to fruition after they quit their ‘real jobs’ (ballsy!) and went on an actual pilgrimage to Italy to find out all they could about pizzas (read more about that here).

They returned with a street food van which they stationed on Berwick Street and after much success with the van and a lot of takeaway pizzas they opened a restaurant on Dean Street, Soho and then just a few months ago their site at Kingley Court.




I chose Kingley Court because it’s such a lovely hidden away area in central London. It used to be a bit dead with just odd clothing boutiques and trinket shops but it’s been re-invented as a bit of a foodie hub with a whole host of amazing looking restaurants such as The Rum Kitchen, Stax Diner (which is an American-style diner from the people who run bakery Bea’s of Bloomsbury, remember when I went there for afternoon tea?), The Wright Brothers, Cha Cha Moons and The Detox Kitchen which you should probably visit after you’ve been to all the others.

Sitting in the court sort of feels like you’re on holiday as you’re outside but undercover and there’s a real buzz about the place.


Anyway, we met at Pizza Pilgrims and took one of the table outside as it was still really nice and warm. I’m sure you’re all aware of how balmy the weather has been the past week! I keep dressing for autumn only to thoroughly regret it as soon as I hop on the central line. Sweaty Betty is an understatement.

So we sat down and ordered a couple glasses of Prosecco to keep us going only to be a little disheartened when they arrived in tumblers. It just doesn’t feel right to be drinking bubbles out of a tumbler? Am I right?


It took us an age to order, I think we had to send the waitress away about three times because we were talking so much and hadn’t looked at the menu but when we finally made our decisions we had, one Carbonara pizza (for Ellena) and one Nduja (for me). It turns out the Nduja is a spicy pork sausage as well as being Pizza Pilgrims signature pizza and impossible to pronounce.


The pizzas themselves are made from sourdough just like at Franco Manca (I’ve not tried a Franco Manca…but they’ve opened up a place on Broadway Market which is right round the corner from my house so it should be on the cards) and I have to say I am a big fan of this kind of bread.

My Nduja pizza was TASTY, although I did think it very spicy. I do like spice but I’m not a hardcore vindaloo kind of person, I know my friend Joe who LOVES spice would think this pizza was amazing but for me it was a little hot on the tongue. I was after a something more along the lines of pepperoni in spice but this was hotter.

As well as the Nduja sausage adding spice it also adds a fair amount of oil. Not a problem for me but it might put others off. All in all though it was a great pizza…not the best I’ve…I think I’d still champion the guys at Fundi for that…but for £9 it’s good value.


Oh and mine might have had a smidge of extra mozzarella too…alright FINE, loads of extra cheese for the big fatty in the corner.

Ellena’s carbonara pizza was great too, of COURSE I had a little try! It came with a bianca base – which essentially means no tomato and for a tomato lover like me, that’s just a ludicrous concept. It was VERY creamy and I think if I’d been eating it, it may have been too creamy to finish but Ellena somehow managed it, so she must have enjoyed it.


Service was pretty speedy and the waiters were definitely attentive – apart from at the end when there was a queue of people waiting for tables and we were happy to pay up and go…at which point we almost became invisible.

However it was nice that we were left chatting as we always have so much to discuss! In particular we were reminiscing about living in Dubai, I think my recent post both made us a bit nostalgic for the ease of life in the Desert. Saying that, we both agreed that we didn’t feel too far away from the Dubai on that particular evening. We were after all enjoying a lovely dinner outside in the gloriously warm weather, sipping processco and surrounded by a real buzzy atmosphere from the surrounding bars and restuarants. We may as well have been in the Madinat Souk or chilling down at the Walk back on JBR!

After dinner we felt we needed just one more drink and that’s when I remembered the App Drinki which I’d recently downloaded. One for the ladies, Drinki is an app that gets you a free drink in participating bars when you check in on Facebook. Amazing huh! So we pulled up the app and found that Zebrano was a participating bar. Not my favourite bar in the world…but for a free drink, I was willing to give it a shot (pun intended).

We made our way down into the downstairs part of the bar where sadly our wifi didn’t work, this meant that we couldn’t ‘check-in’ but the barman still gave us the free drink. Great!


Sadly this app is only for girls at the moment – although if I were male I’d download it and give it a try anyway…I mean you never know!

So that was my pilgrim to Pizza Pilgrims – I think if you’re central and looking for somewhere for dinner then Pizza Pilgrims is a great choice. The location is lovely and if the weather’s nice and you’re able to sit outside, it’s a really pleasant place. I’d definitely go back and I’m glad I finally got to tick it off my list! However if you don’t fancy leaving the comfort of your own home the guys also do a recipe book.

Where would you say the best pizza is in London? Have you been to Pizza Pilgrims yet?

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Harry x

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