Ceremony Festival

Last Saturday felt like the end of the world summer. My friends and I had tickets to Ceremony Festival and it felt like it was our final hurrah of summer 2014! Our finale, the curtain was being called. Goodbye glorious weather, hello woolly jumpers. Goodbye glitter, goodbye glamping, goodbye good music under the stars in a field of dreams. Hello hot water bottles.

Boo bloody hiss.

But before the goodbyes, came the actual event. Set in Finsbury park, Ceremony was a day ting starting at 11am and finishing at 10pm.

Ceremony is a dance music festival from the people who also run Found Festival (which happened in June of this year) and if you’re in to your dance music then the line-up was pretty EPIC! Tents were hosted by the likes of Magna Carter, Urban Nerds and Egg London.



So me and my gals glitzed up and made our way to North London, arriving later than expected (will we ever be on time?) we made our way into the festival, changed our money into booze tokens (Grrr, I hate it when they do this at events), grabbed a few ciders and partied the day away!





How amazing is my light up belt! Just when you thought I couldn’t get any more sparkly!! Oh and my awesome should-be-found-in-a-souk-silver-bag is actually from Primark’s limited edition range…who’d have thought!







As with all fun things, time absolutely flew by and before we knew it, it was all over and time to go home. From what I remember (I blame the booze) we had an brilliant time and met some laaaverly people! In fact the people we met were SO laaarverly that we’re going out with them again next month! Don’t you love it when that happens.









I’ll be sad to see this summer go, as it’s been such a good one. I’ve made yet more amazing memories…including my holiday to Mykonos, Secret Garden Party and Wilderness Festival. I can’t wait to think what next year will bring. What did you get up to this summer? Any fun memories?

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Harry x

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